America’s Got Talent July 20, 2011 Results 7/20/11

The second batch of acts who made it to the top 24 will be revealed in America’s Got Talent July 20, 2011. Which of the 12 acts get the most number of votes? Who will make it? Those who advanced on America’s Got Talent 7/20/11 results will be provided here on time.

The acts who performed last night aren’t that good as last week. We thought some contestants from last week should have been scheduled this week as some are more deserving than the acts this week. But anyway, from the list of acts yesterday, we think Steven Retchless, Silhouettes, Smage Bros. Riding Shows and Mona Lisa might make it. How about you? What are your predictions?

Who will be in the fourth and fifth place that the judges has to choose who to get in the next round? Updates on the acts who advanced and the elimination results will be here for America’s Got Talent July 20, 2011 results show.

Update: Here are the list of the semi-finalists

Those who advanced are:


Daniel Joseph Baker

Seven Retchless

Smage Bros. Riding Shows

* the judges have to choose between Smage Bros. Riding Shows and Landon Swank


Those who got eliminated are:

Attack Dance Crew

Dani Shay

Geechy Guy

Rhinestone Ropers

Dylan Andre

Landon Swank

Thomas John

Mona Lisa



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  1. Who is Landon Swanks’s assistant and/or girlfriend? She is a Beautiful woman, with a Killer body, I think I love her

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