America’s Got Talent July 27, 2011 Results 7/27/11

It’s the third quarter-final week and those who went through will be announced in America’s Got Talent July 27, 2011. Will your favorite act make it to the next round? Which four acts will get the most number of votes? The contestants who advanced on America’s Got Talent 7/27/11 results will be posted here.

Last night’s performances were entertaining but those who were remarkable are Professor Splash, Set Grabel, Landau Murphy Jr., Monet and SH’Boss Boys. We are predicting some of them will make it to the semifinals. The Purrfect Angelz were terrific but we think they won’t get that much votes though.

What about you? Any thoughts on this week’s acts? Will the judges have difficult time in choosing the fourth contestant to make it? Who advanced in America’s Got Talent July 27, 2011 results show? The elimination results will be provided.


Those who advanced are:


Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.

Lys Agnes

Professor Splash – wins judges’ vote


Those who are ekliminated are:

Summerwind Skippers

Purrfect Angelz

Ian Johnson


Mauricio Herrera

Captain and Maybelle

Seth Grabel – lost judges’ vote

SH’Boss Boys

13 thoughts on “America’s Got Talent July 27, 2011 Results 7/27/11

  1. Did not get to see the results show tonight. Wonderful….all my favorites and the best this season have won tonight….Lys and Landau won’t have to win the have sugccessful careers and they are both such sweet souls….she is an absolute knockout…..Landau looked fasntastic last night. Love Poplyfe too…..very professional and a really great performance last night….think they have a good future regardless of whether they win or not. Anf of course Professor splash was awesome….he’s a good looking man….several really exceptional acts this year.

  2. Poplyfe is very good but Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. is great. Mark my words, he will be the winner and will be singing more than Sinatra. I’m guessing some Motown and more. You GO Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. Don’t show all of your cards yet ……… Keep them guessing and stay humble. Humility is a beautiful trait no matter how good you are at anything. Keep up the great God given talent. You rock and as Howie said, “your life will never be the same.” Let it all be GOOD things for you and your family!

  3. I missed the show tonight as well. I’m so glad Landau adavanced too. His voice is the reincarnation of Sinatra–just wonderful.

  4. I can’t believe poplyfe made it through. They butchered that song ! Summerwind skippers should have went through instead

  5. wow professor splash shouldnt go through all he did was jump into 12in of water that had 3 feet of padding underneath it now if he jumped into 12in of water that the pool was sitting right on the concrete i would be impressed other then that he’s a fake……

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