America’s Next Top Model April 27, 2011 Results 4/27/11

America’s Next Top Model April 27, 2011 will be an all new episode as the remaining five models take the runway. Franca Sozzani is the guest judge tonight as the models go to Marrakesh, Morroco. Sozzani joins the panel of judges to decide which girl will be going home. Who gets eliminated on ANTM America’s Next Top Model 4/27/11?

The models will get to explore Morroco and enjoy the sights. For the challenge, one of the models will have a meltdown after none of the designer clothes fits her. Who among the models is it?

Later on at the photo shoot, one of the models gets chastised for trying to direct the shoot. Wonder who it is? Another one have body images issues threatening her photos. The show tonight seems exciting, isn’t it?

Anyway, who do you think will be sent home? America’s Next Top Model 4/27/11 results will be provided as always.

Update: Kasia Pilewicz was eliminated.

Bottom two – Alexandria Everett & Kasia Pilewicz

9 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model April 27, 2011 Results 4/27/11

  1. you have got to be kidding me.. I’m never home when ANTM airs on tv so i usually watch it on youtube but no ones posted it yet.. but seriously.. Kasia went home?? i might as well not even watch anymore this season. Alexandria’s gonna win..

  2. If Alexandria, one of the most miserable, nasty, vapid, annoying women ever to be on the show wins this season of ANTM I will never watch it again.

  3. I didnt` like kasia that much she was complaing about her weight I felt bad but lose it I mean dont sit around like that its` really annoying! love ALexander hope she wins she isnt` fake she is actually nice but I would choose Molly to go home over Kasia Molly is a jerk. Britani apolgy was good but still hopes it dosent` help her win! Hanna I thinks` her name Love her the other Blonde.

  4. Omg this week, Alexandria went home. Kasia is gone. There’s only Molly, Hannah, and Brittney or whoever. I don’t like ANY of them. Bring back the role model and the spitfire who actually had some talent. WOW. Big surprise that they got rid of their favorite. Who’d have thought, since she won every challenge practically, got a CAR, and, uh, took beautiful pix they loved? Kinda a let down, honestly. 🙁

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