America’s Next Top Model April 6, 2011 Results 4/6/11

America’s Next Top Model April 6, 2011 is titled Eric Daman, Gossip Girl stylist.  The contestants will be asked to participated in a campaign and compete to appear in a print ad. Who will win the challenge? Who gets eliminated on ANTM America’s Next Top Model 4/6/11 results? Find out here.

The models will be wearing fashions designed only for Ford’s “Warriors in Pink” campaign. They will also compete to appear in a national print ad where the winner will get a huge surprise. Meanwhile, at the photo shoot, expect some tension arises as angry confrontation between Alexandria and Brittani happens.

A field trip to Universal Studios will be seen later on for a VIP tour where Jay Manuel, photographer Miguel Starcevich and Erick Damon will be preparing the girls for another for the field trip to Universal Studios.

Eric Damon also joins the judges in determining who’s going to be out next. Who do you think will it be?

Stay tuned for America’s Next Top Model 4/6/11 results.

UpdateMikaela Schipani was eliminated.

Bottom two: Brittani Kline & Mikaela Schipani

8 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model April 6, 2011 Results 4/6/11

  1. The backstabing Nigel, is a wuz that was wrong. The comments that were made were TRUE. She is truely a B word. and need to leave the show. along with Nigel!!! Alexandria need to go………

  2. At last someone had the guts to stand up to Alexandria!! It’s to bad that the panel can’t see how she acts!!! Yes she does need to go. Maybe then the rest of the girls can relax and get their minds on what they are doing.

  3. As i watched this episode i am disgusted with tyra the way she commented on brittney was in my words unprofessional . as tyra talked about being a role model, i think that she was just as bad as brittney and alexandria. I am greatful that she finally spoke her peice to alexandria that needed to come in the second week of this season. as for the show it disgusted me the way that the panel attacked one and pityed the other wow you guys showed that you are great role models NOT.

  4. If Alexandria was so “well composed” why didn’t she come out and tell her part in the whole thing? She just stood there pretending to cry, which didn’t work. She could’ve said, “I am harsh etc” like she does in the camera room. Instead, she pretended to be sweet. And Tyra said being honest is ugly, yet that is exactly what she did with Brittney about wanting her to go home. I lost some respect for Tyra. SHe also babied Tiffany even though she did yell at her. Tyra let Celia get away with being mean as well. She also said if Alexandria “directed” one more shoot she was going home, Again, a lie, She directed with the arm incident with Mr J on Wed 3/30 episode and Tyra didn’t even call her out on it. Tyra also supported Eva’s bitchiness and let her win. I THINK she dislikes Brittney because she WALKED OUT in the middle of Tyra’s reprimand. So why not be honest? And the girl was having a panic attack, ALTHOUGH she did not apologise and should not have told Nigel he chose the wrong girl. I just think Tyra handled it poorly.

  5. Oh and plus, Nigel brought it up! He instigated it. And if what they said about the client being there, then EVERY other photo shoot on ANTM is guilty of this. THEY ALL do it! UNFAIR

  6. I agree that Tyra played her role as a judge poorly in this episode. How quickly Alexandria’s unprofessional and rude display of knowing-too-much is forgotten. Brittani was unfairly reprimanded. Kudos that she spoke up for the truth. Yes, the truth really hurts, eh, Nigel and Tyra? Be fair and consistent, ok! Alexandria NEEDS to go! So people who speak the truth in your industry are the villians? Wow.

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