America’s Next Top Model February 23, 2011 Cycle 16 Premiere Results 2/23/11

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 16 premieres tonight, February 23, 2011. It will be different this season as the premiere episode will have the sixteen models heading to Los Angeles. It’s a bit fast-forward as there’s no casting week episode. Will we get to see the first to be eliminated on ANTM America’s Next Top Model 2/23/11 premiere?

Check out the America’s Next Top Model Cycle 16 Contestants.

Titled “Erin Wasson”, the semi-finalists will be heading to Los Angeles. Miss J. and Jay Manuel will be helping Tyra Banks pull a suprise switcheroo then we’ll get to know who are the 14 finalists moving into the Top Model penthouse.

What is the girls’ first runway challenge? It’s going to be the airport runway! Who will be standing out among the 14 models? They are going to meet Erin Wasson, a model/designer who will teach them to walk in a narrow runway. The features photographer is Russel James.

Are you excited for the return of Top Model? We are and we can’t wait to give you the results each week again. For tonight, find out who gets eliminated on America’s Next Top Model 2/23/11 results.

Update: Angelia Alvarez is the first to get eliminated;

First call-out: Molly O’Connell

Bottom two: Angelia Alvarez & Dominique Waldrup

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