America’s Next Top Model March 23, 2011 Results 3/23/11

America’s Next Top Model March 23, 2011 will have fashion stylist Rachel Zoe as the guest judge. She will be joining the panel of judges to decide who will be sent home tonight. Who will they think doesn’t deserve to be in the show next week? Who gets eliminated on ANTM America’s Next Top Model 3/23/11 results?

A unique challenge is up tonight, where the models will work as teams to write, direct and perform a commercial for a new line of CoverGirl cosmetics. They will do all those while dealing with emotional tension after one of the models read the diary of another model. Will there be a cat fight because of this?

Meanwhile, the models will be wearing a new line of faux fur clothes by Rachel Zoe at the Los Angeles Zoo. They will pose with wild animals. Are they brave enough to have photos with lions and all?

Updates will be here again. The model who was eliminated on America’s Next Top Model 3/23/11 results to be posted.

Update: Dalya Morrow was eliminated;

Bottom Two – Dalya Morrow and Molly O’Connell

First Call-Out – Hannah Jones

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