America’s Next Top Model May 11, 2011 Results 5/11/11

America’s Next Top Model May 11, 2011 is the second to the last episode. Are you excited to find out who will be the final two models tonight? Who would you want to see next week? Have any guesses on who gets eliminated on ANTM America’s Next Top Model 5/11/11?

The remaining models will receive an impromptu visit from Tyra Banks as they struggle through a talk show correspondent challenge. The task will turn into a photo shoot which includes a male model. It’s hard for the models to retain their composure during the photo shoot as so much is at stake.

The judge is Ivan Bart, the Senior Vice President and Managing Director of IMG Models. Who will he choose to be the final two next week? Who will be leaving between Brittani Kline, Hannah Jones and Molly O’Connell? The America’s Next Top Model 5/11/11 results will be here soon.

Update: Hannah Jones was eliminated.

Bottom Two: Brittani Kline & Hannah Jones

3 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model May 11, 2011 Results 5/11/11

  1. That was a tough call…I thought it would be Brittani to go. Speaking of which, why does Brittani ALWAYS have to mention she grew up in a trailer park multiple times during each episode??? Okay, we get it! Molly has come a long way and I hope she wins.

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