America’s Next Top Model November 17 2010 Results 11/17/10

America’s Next Top Model November 17, 2010 will have Tyra directing the girls on one challenge. Only four models remain and the finale is near. It will be a double elimination night so who will be the final two after the episode? Who gets eliminated on ANTM America’s Next Top Model 11/17/10? Results available soon.

The models’ personality will be put to test as they meet with Franca Sozzani, Vogue Italia’s editor-in-chief. They will be having a one-on-one with the editor. Franca Sozzani has been with Vogue Italia since 1988 by the way and is a very recognizable figure int he fashion world, having written lots of fashion books as well.

Meanwhile, the girls will be bringing their poses to life with movement and emotion as Tyra Banks herself directs them for a motion editorial challenge.

Who do you think will be the final two?

The updates will be here once again as we find out the America’s Next Top Model 11/17/10 results.

Updates: Kayla Ferrel & Jane Randall were eliminated;

First call-out: Ann Ward

Bottom three: Chelsey Hersley, Jane Randall & Kayla Ferrel

Ann Ward and Chelsey Hersley at the finals

6 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model November 17 2010 Results 11/17/10

  1. Disgusted that the two models left are positively NOT the norm. Ann is grossly underweight and poor Chelsey was made to file the space between her teeth to make herself look more special and unique. Sorry, Chelsey, you’re no Lauren Hutton.

    It’s a shame that Kayla was sent packing. I would have liked to see someone like her win it. She has a fun personality and has really grown during this competition. Ann may take a decent photo at times, but she’s so gangly and awkward… the deer-in-the-headlights stare doesn’t do it for me. She’s going to shit in her pants the moment she has to touch a man or, God forbid, speak on camera.

    Top Model should be about the best all-around, not the one who looks the most freakish…. and they could all use a few cheeseburgers.

    Just my .02

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