America’s Next Top Model October 27 2010 Results 10/27/10

The girls are going to have fun tonight, for sure, we watch America’s Next Top Model October 27, 2010. Get to seem them on roller skates for the photo shoot. But, not all will look good when the output is shown. This model might be sent home. So, who could it be that might get eliminated on ANTM America’s Next Top Model 10/27/10?

The girls will be surprised at their beach house by designer Zac Posen. They will surely be delighted to learn that they are going to wear the designer’s fall 2010 collection for the runway challenge. Who will be able to pull it of and stand out among the rest?

Meanwhile, their personality will be put to test when they shoot their commercial while wearing roller skates on the beach. It will be their very first commercial so the models must be excited about this.

Who will be the bottom two tonight? Have some any guesses? Anyway, we’ll post updates if ever you missed the show. Please be back for America’s Next Top Model 10/27/10 results.

Updates: Esther Petrack was eliminated;

First call-out – Chris White

Bottom two – Ann Ward & Esther Petrack

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