America’s Next Top Model October 5, 2011 Results 10/5/11

America’s Next Top Model All-Stars October 5, 2011 episode will have the models face another challenge. More drama arises as the episode progresses. Who will be in the bottom two? Who gets eliminated on ANTM America’s Next Top Model 10/5/11 results?

It is time for some action as the girls audition to be on CSI. Meanwhile, tension arises for sure when Kayla starts vomiting and having trouble breathing. Could it be because of too much stress? Anthony Zuiker, CSI’s executive producer, is the guest judge for tonight and the episode is titled after him.

Who will pass the audition? Who will win this challenge? Will the right person be leaving tonight? Follow us on twitter. Click the twitter icon at the upper right corner of this web site to get the latest updates. Find out the next one who was eliminated in America’s Next Top Model 10/5/11 results here.

Update: Camille McDonald from cycle 2 was eliminated;

First call-out – Angelea Preston

Bottom two – Lisa D’Amato and Camille McDonald.

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