America’s Next Top Model September 15, 2010 Results 9/15/10

The fourteen models face another challenge on America’s Next Top Model September 15, 2010, which is Cycle 15 episode 2. Who among them will be at the bottom and get eliminated? The America’s Next Top Model results 9/15/10 will be revealed tonight on the show, whoever is sent home first.

It’s quite exciting tonight on ANTM as the model will walk in high fashion, literally as they walk high up in the air wearing Diane von Furstenberg outfits. Someone will fall while walking high. Who could it be? Meanwhile, Demi Lovato will be dropping by the set during the photo shoot. She’ll be surprising the girls and talk to them about teen bullying. The photoshoot will have the girls’ bodies painted with a work regarding the type of bullying they’ve had.

At the end, one of the girls might be kicked off by Tyra banks and the judges. Who will it be? Please stay tuned for the one who was kicked off on America’s Next Top Model September 15, 2010.


Terra White and Anamaria Mirdita were in the bottom two

Anamaria Mirdita was eliminated!

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