America’s Next Top Model September 29 2010 Results 9/29/10

America’s Next Top Model September 29, 2010 still have the remaining 11 girls perform the challenges. It’s cycle 15 episode 3 and the girls will be posing for another photo shoot and walk on the runway challenge. Who gets eliminated at the end of America’s Next Top Model ANTM 9/29/10?

It will be fun to ride a rollercoaster, but to pose while on it, it would be a little harder, ayt? That’s what the girls will be doing for this week’s episode. They will go to a theme park and must pose while riding a rollercoaster. Who will win the challenge? Tyra will be having the winner photographed on her own website.

This week’s judge is Matthew Rolston. He’s going to photograph the girls while underwater. Who will be making the best look while in it? Who will fail the challenge and be kicked off at the end of the show?

Please be back here if you were not able to watch it tonight. This post will be updated for who was eliminated on America’s Next Top Model 9/29/10.


Liz won the reward challenge

Rhianna was eliminated!

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