American Idol 10 February 10, 2011 Hollywood Round 1 2/10/11

It’s Hollywood Round 1 tonight on American Idol February 10, 2011 episode. Finally, the seven auditions episode are finished. Are you excited to watch the next round and see those who made it once again?

More than 300 made it to Hollywood round, but how many will be left after tonight? What will be the challenges the contestants will be asked to do?

By the way, among the notable ones last night in American Idol San Francisco Auditions are Julie Zorrilla, Stefano Langone and James Dublin. They are among our favorites and some of the best, but we are also excited to hear Jackie Wilson, Haley Reinhart and Thia Megia again. We are also excited to find out how the top 40 is chosen and which among the contestants will interest the judges during the performances. How about you? Who do you want to hear sing again?

Here’s the preview of American Idol 10 Road to Hollywood airing tonight, 2/10/11.

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