American Idol 10 February 23, 2011 Las Vegas Round 2/23/11

It will be another two-hour episode tonight on American Idol February 23, 2011. The reality show in search for the next superstar moves on to Las Vegas. The contestants will be narrowed down further after this. Who will be included in the Top 24 and who won’t be? We’ll find it out tomorrow but for now, it’s American Idol Las Vegas round.

Those who stood out last week in the Hollywood Round 3 were Chris Medina, Julie Zorrilla, Clint Jun Gamboa, Ashton Jones, Carson Higgins and Jacee Badeaux. There are a lot more but just see them again tonight. Will those we named be included in the American Idol Top 24 semifinalists?

The Top 24 will be announced Thursday night then next week the they get to perform. The actual show where we get to see who gets eliminated each week is getting near and we’re excited about that. In the meantime, we have to enjoy American Idol Las Vegas Round 2/23/11.


Top 24 Semifinalists

Naima Adedapo

Clint Jun Gamboa

Haley Reinhart

Paul McDonald

Ashthon Jones

to be continued tomorrow…

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