American Idol 11 February 22, 2012 Final Judgement Results 2/22/12

After a month since American Idol 2012 has started, we’ll finally get to find out who among the contestants are successful enough to be in the semifinals. What can you say about the past weeks, from the audition to Hollywood to Vegas round? Are you glad that finally, the top 24 semifinalists will be revealed?

Tonight is the first part of the Final Judgement. The remaining hopefuls are going to try one last time to impress Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson so that they will get included in the semifinals. They must sing for their lives to prove it to them that they deserve to make it to the next round. However, only a few will make it.

There are spoilers already available weeks ago on who made it to the top 24. But we’ll post the ones who actually are included during or after the show tonight which airs from 8pm to 10pm ET. Some of the semifinalists will be announced tonight. Who will these contestants be?

Our favorites so far are Shannon Magrane, Haley Johnson and Skylar Laine for the girls while it’s Heejun Han, Aaron Sanders and Phillip Phillips for the boys. How about you?

Follow us on Twitter for the results of tonight’s episode. We’ll post those whose next part of the journey is about to begin. Updates on American Idol Final Judgement Part 1, 2/22/12 will be here.

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Those in the Top 24 are the following. Also posted is the place where they auditioned

Jen Hirsh – Houston

Creighton Fraker – Pittsburgh

Joshua Ledet – Houston

Haley Johnson – Portland

Elise Testone – Charleston/Savannah

Reed Grimm – Pittsburgh

Erika Van Pelt – Pittsburgh

Chelsea Sorell – Charleston/Savannah

Baylie Brown – Houston

Heejun Han – Pittsburgh

Jessica Sanchez – San Diego

Phillip Phillips – Charleston/Savannah

Colton Dixon – Charleston/Savannah

Brielle Von Hugel – Charleston/Savannah

Adam Brock – to be revealed tomorrow

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