American Idol 11 February 23, 2012 Top 24 Results 2/23/12

The final judgement continues tonight on American Idol 11 February 23, 2012 episode. The top 24 singers who will be performing live next week gets completed. The first 14 contestants who made it to the semifinals were revealed last night. Who will be the remaining 10 contestants?

American Idol tonight will only be an hour-long, airing from 8pm to 9pm ET. There might not be much singing. Instead, we’ll get to find out if the other contestants made it. We’ll get to see recaps of them beginning from their auditions. We might not be able to see much of the Vegas performance but we’ll get to see them whether they are in the top 24 or they are cut by the judges.

8 ladies and 6 guys made it Wednesday night. There are a lot of talented singers this year, so it must be really hard for the judges to make the decision on who will be in the semifinals. We’re glad that Haley Johnson, Phillip Phillips and Hee Jun Han made it. Are you glad too, that your favorites are included? Many like Jessica Sanchez because of her amazing voice, do you like her as well?

Meanwhile, Adam Brock was the last contestant Wednesday night who’s fate is yet to be revealed. Him and the other contestants are about to find out tonight if they are in the semifinals or not. Some of those who weren’t included will try out again next year.

So, who do you think will be the other 4 girls and 6 guys to complete the top 24?

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Update: Here are the top 24. Those in bold are announced tonight

Update: One of the four guys who were cut – David Leathers Jr., Richie Law (Cowboy), Jermaine Jones, Johnny Keyser will be brought back to make it to the Top 13 boys. Who will make it?


American Idol 2012 Top 24


Jen Hirsh

Haley Johnson

Elise Testone

Erika Van Pelt

Brielle Von Hugel

Chelsea Sorell

Baylie Brown

Jessica Sanchez

Shannon Magrane

Skylar Laine

Hallie Day

Hollie Cavanaugh



Creighton Fraker

Joshua Ledet

Reed Grimm

Heejun Han

Phillip Phillips

Colton Dixon

Adam Brock

Jeremy Resado

Chase Likens

Aaron Marcellus

Deandre Brackensick

Eben Francowitz

6 thoughts on “American Idol 11 February 23, 2012 Top 24 Results 2/23/12

  1. Thanks. really dont approve~

    If it’s the cowboy that will severely diminish my enjoyment of the show because they will running the risk of get a Sanjaya who people will vote to stay in because of the drama/sucks potential.

    So ANYONE but Richie. ANYONE

  2. hopefully they bring back the cowboy i really think hes a good singer i really like him or the young boy should come back anyone but jeremiah

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