American Idol 11 January 19, 2012 Pittsburgh Auditions 1/19/12

The audition continues tonight as American Idol season 11 airs its second episode January 19, 2012. The judges go to Pittsburgh as they find talents who could be the next winner of American Idol. Like in other venues, thousands of hopefuls lined up as they wait for their turn. Who will be given the golden ticket tonight?

Last night, 42 hopefuls were given the golden ticket for the next round of the competition. How many will be given tonight? Those who passed includes David Leathers Jr., Gabby Carrubba, Brianna Faulk, Molly Hunt, Elise Testone, Shannon Magrane, Stephanie Renae, siblings Colton and Schyler Dixon, WT Thompson, Ashlee Altise, Brittany Kerr and¬†Phillip Phillips. That’s less than one-third of the total number of golden ticket holders so we’ll see the remaining in the next round.

The audition in Pittsburgh was held in Heinz Field with the call-back held in David L. Lawrence Convention Center. Among thousands of people, only a few will make it. Find out who will be in the good, the bad and the weird auditions.

Will Steven Tyler, who’s one of the judges, make another embarrassing remark about a contestant again? Last night, he was hitting on Shannon Magrane, who was the daughter of a former football player. It was an awkward moment after saying “hot, humid just like your daughter…”

Anyway, follow us on twitter if you haven’t done yet.¬†We’ll update this post for the list contestants who were given the golden ticket. We’ll also try to provide live updates during the show. Find out who make it to Hollywood in American Idol January 19, 2012 episode.


Here are some of those who got the Golden Ticket as we watch the show:

Creighton Fraker

Eben Franckewitz

Travis Orlando – the guy who auditioned last year in NJ.

Erika Van Pelt

Hallie Day

Reed Grimm

Heejun Hann

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