American Idol 2011 Big Changes

Expect some big changes on American Idol season 10, which will have its premiere on January 19, 2011. Not only will there be changes with the judges, but changes in the format and schedule as well.

In American Idol 2011 format changes, there will be no more Top 24 and instead, the contestants will be trimmed down to Top 12, according to producer Nigel Lythgoe. “I didn’t think [the top 24] were very good, I was bored with them by the time they got there.”, Lythgoe said.

New challenges are ahead for the contestants as they will be asked to make the best music video to promote themselves as singers and create their own performance by working with a band and dancers.

For the changes in schedule, American Idol season 11 will be aired on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8pm. The new schedule was due to CBS’ Survivor, which is now aired on Wednesday night, and Glee, which no longer needs to be the lead-in from the show.

Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler are the show’s new judges, together with old timer Randy Jackson.

NIgel Lythgoe would like to find a true artist on American Idol 2011 with these new changes.

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