American Idol April 14, 2011 Results Who got voted off 4/14/11

American Idol April 14, 2011 results show will be another night where we viewers get to find out who’s leaving next. Will it be one of the girls again? Are they trying to get of them and just leave the guys? Does America really vote correctly? Who gets kicked off American Idol 4/14/11 results?

Many reacted with last week’s result where Pia Toscano was sent home. Some said she doesn’t deserve it while others said she’s not that good anyway, Well, it really depend on each person but majority thinks she should go home as she got the lowest number of votes. She also has a bright future ahead of her as there are rumors she’s got an offer from a recording company.

Anyway, tonight, who’s going next? Jason Aldean, Kelly Clarkson and Rihanna are the performers tonight before we find out the results. Who are you guessing to be leaving? Could it be Haley?

We’ll give updates as we always do. Who got voted off American Idol April 14, 2011 results? Find out soon.

Update: Paul McDonald is voted off! He’s the first guy to leave!

Scotty McCreery – safe

Lauren Alania – safe

Casey Abrams – safe

Haley Reinhart – in the bottom three safe

Jacob Lusk – safe

Paul McDonald – in the bottom three

James Durbin – safe

Stefano Langone – in the bottom three safe

91 thoughts on “American Idol April 14, 2011 Results Who got voted off 4/14/11

  1. shirley:

    casey should go home tonight and paul should go home next week


  2. All of you don’t know what you’re talking about… The best all around idol is def Jacob Lusk, and all around artist is Casey Abrams! But everyone who is left now could all be The American Idol!

  3. James Durbin Should Take American Idol Hands Down!!! I Mean Come On!!! Who Else Had The Greatest Guitarist or Even a celebrity on Stage. Yes Zack Wylde Even Step in Tonight to Show His Support!!! Finally There Could Be Hope For A True Star to Take The American Idol Crown, Anything else Would Be An Injustice to the American People!!!! In My opinion Sefano Langone Should Be The Next One To Go!!!

  4. JAMES DURBIN IF America Has Any Sense at All Should Vote For Him To Claim The Crown. Just Like Adam Lambert Should Have One. Because He was Gay, He was Not Voted For. Well James Don’t Win His Awesome Talent There Is Something Wrong With The Counting Of Votes!

  5. these are great contestants. I love Scotty. I love his voice and he sings America’s music! Country music sooths the soul, you can understand the words and the artist connect with the HUMAN side of people. America really is country music, and regardless whether Scotty takes the title, he is headed for a great LONG adenture in country music. We’ll be seeing as much of him as the LEGENDS of county music. On day a nice young man will be singing one of his (Scotty) songs on some talent show, some where. Scotty we can’t wait to buy your first CD. You are awesome!!!!!!!_

  6. Haley is the worst of them all. Lauren is very good. Scotty is good. James is good, but a bit much at times. Paul was different, but I can see why he is gone. Casey is just getting boring and isn’t good enough to win. Enough with the ballads from Stefano. He needs to step it up or go.

  7. i love stefano he has awonderful voice and beautiful spirit
    jason has the best voice he lacks a warmth that is obvious in casey and stefano

  8. Scotty is the best! I’m SO happy to see Paul go! I hope Jacob and Casey are the next two to go! I don’t care in which order any of the rest go as long as Scotty wins it all!!! All the rest SUCK!!

  9. The Bieberettes have kept this mediocre group going…..Pia was the only one who has a shot at a big contract or doing a big show like Celine’s in Vegas…..The rest? Lounges and truck stops at the Jersey Shore !

  10. James should win…hands down…the others have great voices but James is for real..he could go far!! I hope he wins.

  11. Jacob is almost always off key, and does not know how to control his voice…same with Stephano. Those 2 need to go. Come on America! You’ve been right so far. Keep it up!

  12. Although I like Paul, he was the least strong competitor this week and it’s no surprise he was voted off. He was oof-pitch and sharp for much of the song, and critiqued for being “pitcy” by judges at other times. What IS a surprise is that Jacob Lusk stays safe every week. NO one on Idol is off-pitch as often as is Jacob. He sings sharp through most of his songs, and is a lackluster stage performer. Yes, he has passion and a style – but for anyone with an appreciation and ear for pitch, he is at best difficult to listen to, and exhibits less stage presence than any of the other performers. Casey is in a quirky class by himself and definitely elevates the performances up a surprising notch. It’s always a pleasant surprise what he’s going to do next. Lauren is a solid, seasoned performer qho can do no wrong in my book. I’m surprised that Stefano was in the bottom three this week. I understood his being so a few weeks ago, but don’t understand it now.

  13. People who make comments about Haley being the worst on AI or who say she is not a good singer show a lack of musical intelligence! She has taken on a wide range of songs and shows an ability to perform multiple styles of music. Any pro musician would never pick Haley for the bottom 3, ever… Right now she and Stefano are the best pure vocalists, with Casey being a unique stylist and excellent musician. Just to keep it real and out of the realm of the popularity contest many want to make this about. Paul was actually the worst singer in the bunch and really should have been eliminated before Pia, at least. I don’t vote on who I think is the cutest–I vote on who actually has the best vocal chops…even if they sing a style that might not be my favorite. That’s why I also like James. Not my favorite kind of music but I acknowledge his talent in that genre.

  14. I am with tj. I think that the most versatile vocalist should be voted for and eventually win. I like the fact that Casey is this way. I have a soft spot for Scotty, though. He sang the song my husband sang to me at our wedding. I think there is something wrong with the voting, because Pia is probably the strongest vocally. I think that Haley is good, but she needs to stop the growling at every turn. Lauren is good, but I have heard voices like her all over. James, very passionate, but he seems pitchy through his whole performance. Stephano, he has some great pipes. I keep waiting for James to do something else but heavy metal. I hear that Paul left? I was not able to watch. If so, I picked it. I am glad he is gone, his vocals are weak. I am hoping to see some increase in the type of music that Stephano, Lauren and Scotty do. I believe that if you are versatile, you are a great musician.

  15. Seriously Person, do you have to be so rude as to call James ‘teretz boy’??? NOT cool!


    I like Casey, and teretz boy,but Paul and steffanoReally need to go!

  16. I agree less human more Spirit! That was completely uncalled for, Person! It shows your ignorance level and lack of compassion.

    less human more Spirit:

    Seriously Person, do you have to be so rude as to call James ‘teretz boy’??? NOT cool!

    Person:I like Casey, and teretz boy,but Paul and steffanoReally need to go!

  17. James for the win !!!!!! Vote like crazy for him the rest of the show. LETS HAVE SOME ROCK-N-ROLL IN THIS FINALE VS COUNTRY.

  18. Casey sucks!I hate his rotten guts. He looks like a lumberjack and is so off tone. Pia was amazing. Scotty sucks.I hate country music. James should win. Paul should of stayed. Jacob is more than good

  19. Ilove Haley and Lauren that is a EASY decision. Out of the guys James Durbin and Scotty are the best!!! James brings the rock and makes rock have a totally diffrent meaning. With Zack Wylde up there made it AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now Scotty makes Geoge Strait sound ok and he is amazing. So DANG Scotty is just Freakin’ awesome and I LOVE country music, and Scotty would make it even better!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Scotty is never going to win. He is too full of himself and is annoying. He has no voice other than hitting low notes he is a loser

  21. Voting will be the key !!!! Teenagers are like fire ants, you have to vote the whole 2 hours like them, if it’s possible. Vote like he** for James Durbin, Because if he’s not in the finale, How sad it will be !!!!! I love him , in my opinion, he is the best ! For all those people out there making fun of him, He’s going to have more money than you ever dreamed of ! I love James Durbin!

  22. Please be considerate when talking about James’ physical challenges. Calling him names is unnecessary.
    Be mature and have a sense of decency.

  23. I agree with supporting James – especially in terms of educating the public about any limiting physical or emotional challenge someone may be facing. Perhaps America needs a wake-up call …. not everyone is “Hollywood Handsome” nor should they be expected to succumb to the Hollywood headiness that accompanies so many people who are put in situations like winning American Idol. I SAY “GO JAMES” and show America and the world that it’s ok to be different.

  24. yall ppl dnt kno da meanin of music i cud teach yall a few things or two since i wanna b a singa i kno alot bout music lauren amazing strong singer beautiful voice but holds back. hayley cud sing but ha growlin shit b annoyin, james is amazing cuz hes unique n full of talent, scotty is also good not my favorite but ok. paul doesn’t do his best stephano cud sing b off key at times

  25. OMG!!!!! i love scotty he is the best one on there and i think he is going to win i love his low country accent and his voice is so awesome and if he gets voted off i will never watch american idol again(: but i also like his cause he is very good looking(: whoe(:

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