American Idol April 18, 2013 Results Who got voted off 4/18/13

One of the top five ladies will be going home tonight on America Idol 2013’s top 5 results show. All of the guys are out without any lady being eliminated the past weeks. But now, there’s no other choice but to eliminate on of them. Who will be the first among these girls to go home?

The top five finalists – Kree Harrison, Candice Glover, Janelle Arthur, Amber Holcomb and Angie Miller performed two songs last night. Their first song was about their birth years while their second song is a diva song. Candice started the night while Amber got the pimp spot. Do you think the songs last night were very predictable?

My top three favorites are Candice, Kree and Janelle. I also think these girls won’t be in the bottom two tonight. That means, my prediction of the bottom two are Amber and Angie. Either one of them might go home, unless the judges use their “save” since it hasn’t been used this season yet. Will they use it tonight? I think no one will go home and we’ll see the top five perform again next week. How about you? Any predictions?

Meanwhile, the guest performers tonight are Fantasia who will sing her new single “Lose to Win” and Clay Aiken.

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Update: Janelle Arthurs gets eliminated!


– Top 5 performs Donna Summer medley

– Clay Aiken sings “Bridge Over Troubled Water”



1. Candice Glover

2. Angie Miller

3. Amber Holcomb

4. Kree Harrison



1. Kree Harrison

2. Janelle Arthur


For the save, Janelle sings “Keep Me Hangin’ On”.

The SAVE wasn’t used! Janelle gets eliminated!

16 thoughts on “American Idol April 18, 2013 Results Who got voted off 4/18/13

  1. Once again I feel Janelle was the worst with amber next. Yes, amber can sing but is no match to candice and kree. I feel amber is overrated and yes she is nice looking but I’m hoping that is not people are voting for her. I feel Janelle and amber should be in the bottom two.

  2. I wish voters would look at the larger picture when it comes to voting. I feel even the judges regularly miss this too. Candice has the best voice but does she have enough stage presence to sell out a concert and have people willing to pay to go see her perform live and in person? No. Same with Kree. Zero personality or stage presence even though she has a wonderful voice. Amber is sort of grouped in this bunch as well, sings well but doesn’t know how to connect with the audience. The only two who could step onto a stage tomorrow and give great performances, both vocal and stage, are Angie and Janelle. Janelle might not have the greatest voice but her personality more than makes up for it and she will find success in Country/Nashville. Angie just has that star power. I could be completely wrong but I pick these two to have the most successful careers from this bunch.

  3. I thought it would be Janelle and Amber. Bet Candice,Kree,and Angie for the top 3. I gotta go with Candice all the way cause she is a south Carolina girl like me!!! Plus that girl can blow!!!!

  4. I’d like to see Angie go home. Not a fan of hers or her hair or make-up. You can always dress someone up but you can’t dress up their voice. That’s where Candice and Kree are best. And, Kree works well with the camera.

    Send Angie home please.

  5. Ha! I knew janelle would go home after her performance last night. Kree, on the other hand….what the fu#%…?? I believe Kree, Candice and Angie are top 3. Finale is Candice and Kree. Judges will use the save on Angie.

  6. Angie Miller is the next American Idol as I see it. She can sing,play piano, write music, has stage presence, and she’s pretty. Very commercial, and could sell albums now. Even if she does win she will have a wonderful career. Plus she’s a Boston girl like me, Go Angie.

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