American Idol April 19, 2012 Results Who got voted off 4/19/12

It’s round 2 of American Idol season 11 top 7 results and tonight, April 19, 2012, one of the finalists will be sent home. There’s only one save and the judges used it last week for Jessica Sanchez so that she remains in the competition. But tonight, one will be leaving for sure. Will it be her or it’s going to be another finalist? Who are you predicting to be eliminated on American Idol top 7 results round 2?

Each contestant performed two songs. Their first song were Billboard #1 and their second song is a soul song. The mentor is none other than Jimmy Iovine. The show also remembered Dick Clark who passed away last night at the age of 82.

Going back, songs by Lady Gaga, Adele, Alicia Keys, Usher and Fantasia Barrino were sang for the “now” part of the show while songs by “Dusty Springfield, Earth Wind & Fire, Marvin Gaye, Wilson Pickett, Ray Noble Orchestra, Smokey Robinson & the Miracles and Sam Cookie were performed for the “then” part.

Joshua Ledet got the pimp spot for the first time. The judges think he’s one of the greatest gifted singers on the show so there’s a big chance he’ll be safe tonight. Hollie Cavanagh was the first performer and one of the comments she got was her stepping up and finally coming out of her shell. Colton Dixon was up next and his sister was called up on stage. If you remember it, she auditioned but she didn’t make it. Not sure what part she was cut. Anyway, there were mixed reviews on his performance. There were parts they loved and there were parts they didn’t.

Elise Testone was the third performer who was told it’s hard to critique her since she always sounds so good. Phillip Phillips followed and got a standing O from the judges. They even said they have a true artist on the stage. Up next was Jessica Sanchez. The judges told her she nailed it again this week but was told there’s more than just having a great voice. There must be a connection as well. Skylar Laine followed and was told she’s giving the other girls in the competition a run for their money.

With that said, based from the judges’ comments, Jessica might be in the bottom three again. However it’s really hard to predict at this moment. Joining her in the bottom three could be Hollie Cavanagh and Phillip Phillips. The contestant who might go home is either Jessica or Hollie. What do you think? After the unexpected results last week, whether it was staged or not, it’s quite difficult to say who will go home.

Anyway, Kris Allen and LMFAO are the guest performers tonight.

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Update: Colton Dixon gets voted off! Thoughts?

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The top 7 perform! They sing “Dancing in the Streets”

Ryan says we all don’t know who the top 2 will be but perhaps it’s written in the stars…

Joshua and Hollie on stage…

53 million votes were cast last night…

Taylor Hicks in the audience…

Kris Allen performs “The Vision of Love”

Skylar and Elise on stage…

Tribute to Mr. Clark…

LMFAO performs “Sorry For Party Rocking”

Colton, Phillip and Jessica on stage…



Those who are safe:

Joshua Ledet

Skylar Laine

Jessica Sanchez

Phillip Phillips

Elise Testone

Hollie Cavanagh


Bottom three:

Hollie Cavanagh

Elise Testone

Colton Dixon

109 thoughts on “American Idol April 19, 2012 Results Who got voted off 4/19/12

  1. Colton willl go the way of Daughtry. Voted out but sold more album than the lousy winner whose contract got canceled. And this time that winner will be Ledet, and he’ll sell not one platinum album.

  2. Who ever didn’t vote for Colton. Man u people are def!!! He was the best!!!!!! I’m crying right now because of how awesome he is!!!! Colton was the only good singer like ever on American idol!!!!! I’m never watching it again!!

    • Oh my gosh! Me too! I am bawling right now! My friend and I voted for him 800 times last night. How did that happen? I also agree with Darius03, he will be way more famous than whoever wins.

  3. I would not have voted Colton off, but then again I didn’t vote for him last night either. I only vote for the best of that particular night. Might not be the best approach, but I figure if someone has improved enough to surpass others for the night then they deserve the vote for the night. My votes went to Joshua and phillip last night…they both tied in my grading system for top place last night after evaluating both songs sung.

  4. I’m pissed about Colton. I am in agreement with everyone who is done watching this show! Out of everyone on the show, his performance was the one I always tuned in to watch. He had an amazing style and uniqueness to him that was absolutely needed. Tonight America, you proved yourself musically retarded. Congrats!

  5. Colton should NOT have been sent home tonight. he had 1 bad week. so has hollie and elise and everyone but yet their still here. but Colton is amazing and he will go very far in life and just like Darius03 said, he will be like daughtry- selling more albums then the winner and the runner-up.
    this also proves that america doesn’t vote for who is really good because hollie should have left the week deandre left and every week after that. elise should have been gone WEEKS ago…
    done voting..

    im going for Phillip in the WIN

  6. Colton is too caught up in himself. That should only come after he is rich and famous. Skylar and Phillip top two. Bet the house on it.

  7. I will say that though Jessica was the only singer that I gave a 10 on any one song sung last night. The first song was perfect and got the only 10 on my grading scale. Unfortunately,I thought the second song was oversung, somewhat forced and kind of all over the place…so that one only got a 6. She missed tying Joshua and Phillip by one point.

  8. The way the public voted I observed from the past is based on how the contestant performs that night, so even if you did terrific before, but sucks tonight, voters will vote for the other who they think did good. and I think judges comments also matters.

  9. From Ed Lim

    Thank God that Jessica is once more on the safe list. She deserves to be one of the finalists coz she’s so mature in her singing despite her very young age. Go for it girl and good luck!

  10. I give up on American Idol. This is completely ridiculous. Phillip has zero musical talent, has sub-par vocals AT BEST, makes stupid faces, and is just overall an annoying person. PO’ed said it right. America, you are musically retarded. Hollie, Elise, and Phillip all should be out right now. I am so pissed off, I have lost all faith in America now. Jessica has amazing vocals, but doesn’t connect like Colton. Joshua connects and has amazing vocals, but overdoes it. Skylar is right up there with Colton, for me. She and Colton should have been the Top 2 in my opinion, and if I had my way, Phillip would have been out before Jeremy Rosado. Thanks for letting everyone down America. Colton will prove everyone wrong and go on to be the most popular/relevant artist off Idol, up there with Daughtry. I’m done now, not gonna watch American Idol again. Cya.

  11. Dear Lord. People get to emotional with this. May I remind you you don’t know the contestants?

    Anyway, Colton is really good, but on the other hand, he’s supposed to be if he wanted to be TOP 7. I just don’t know if he’s TOP 3 material.

    I’m glad they had the vote, so Jessica didn’t become this season’s Pia Toscano/Jennifer Hudson, voted out by retarded aroused teenagers.

  12. whatevs colton deserved it.. he wasnt the best and he wasnt the worst but i believe jessica is the whole show and can outsing everyone but she wont win it could be joshua.

  13. Wow!!! America got it wrong again. Colton has a future without American Idol. He will totally out sell any of the other singers left. I am done watching American Idol. Go Voice!!!!

  14. oh my God….I love American Idol but cannot vote because me not in America……………..I hope COLTON takes this seasons American Idol………………gogogoggo

  15. Boo Hoo! stop all that crying the show will go on weather you all watch it or not ,they all are winners.They wont get there at the same but they will get there.All have talent.

  16. I REALLY couldnt stand colton. He wasnt that good of a singer honestly. He just seemed to full of himself and i dont understand how he even made it that far.Finally some sense kicked in for the voters…i think elise is next.

  17. Jessica is a phony teenager who won’t make it in the real world. Her voice is all she has, her looks and her personality are flat and the only reason she survives is because Jennifer Lopaz got mad when the other judges didn’t back her up to save that stupid kid with the hair who doesn’t know if he’s a guy or a girl, so she stomped her foot about Jessica. Now so she isn’t proven wrong and the judges made to look retarded they have to keep Jessica on the show. I think she was probably voted off again, we have no way of knowing for sure what the votes are.

  18. That really sucks that Colton Dixon got sent home. They are all so very good this season & I just don’t like that they have to be sent home. Colton Dixon will make it….Skylar Laine now has all my votes. I was voting for her & Colton Dixon!

  19. I would’ve wanted COLTON in the top 2 with JESSICA. Loved his style and singing. Oh well..
    Philip is good but no Wow factor.. the same every week.
    Hollie has a great tone but lacks vocal control. Good improvement though.
    Skylar also has a great tone and evident genre. Also very big improvement but not a fan of country music.
    Joshua, passionate and sing-preaches, like Kesha sing-talks.. not a fan either..
    Jessica probably the best singer/vocalist but there’s something about her that make her seem devious/fake.. IDK.. but I’m a fan.
    Elise also a great vocalist.. but i don’t think she’s as likable as the others. IDK why. I love her style though..

    Because majority of viewers/voters are tween girls and country people, top 2 might be skylar and philip.
    That’s my opinion..

  20. This is rediculous….. It was a waste of a save to use it on Jessica Sanchez… They shouldn’t have saved her. I’m not watching American Idol anymore because it is a waste of my time since Colton Dixon go’s home……. America really messed up big time….. He was the best one on there till yall’ messed this up for everyone that watched it for Colton….. Thanks alot….. (Sarcastic)

  21. Jessica is by far the most talented and so is joshua though he is not my fav. I am rooting for jessica, colton just doesnt have the vocal ability needed to win. Lets be honest!

  22. If Colton got voted off, I’m not watching anymore. I wanted him to win. The show is now boring. Everyone was really good this season but Colton had something about him that just glows.

  23. WoW! I have no desire to even WATCH IT on DVR. Colton gave me goosies on a LESS THAN GOOD NIGHT. Mad skills. I read someone compare tonight to the “Daughtry” season, Chris is the reason they have a SAVE & TWO were supposed to go home tonight & it should have been Hollie & someone OTHER THAN Colton. All KINDS of upper-case WRONG…

  24. I don’t understand how Elise and Hollie make it through week after week and someone with talent like Colton gets the boot. Colton will have his day, like Daughtry, while the others become nothing.

  25. Do not worry everyone. I believe this year’s batch is the most talented ever. Anyone of them deserves to win. Just continue voting for the best and the right one to win. All of them are stars for me.

  26. No one gets it yet. America is voting against the JUDGES and especially Mr. Eye-jean. If they would stop criticizing America for the way they vote, then they would vote for the best singer/musician. Ya listenin Randy, Steven, Jennifer and especially YOU Billie?

  27. please vote for the BEST…colton is ONE of the greatest singers in that seasons but his not the ONLY ONE. All of them has a good quality of voice. Choose the right one who deserves the vote…. If I’m one of the Judges, my vote will go to JESSICA SANCHEZ…

  28. Y’all r crazy! Colton wasn’t the best, although he was good. Phillip and Joshua have my votes for sure. They are amazing and prove themselves week after week!!!!

  29. I wish Colton would have done an MCR song. He kinda sounds like Gerard Way, only slightly less awesome. I could so see him rocking it.

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