American Idol April 20, 2011 Performance 4/20/11 Call Numbers

American Idol tonight, April 20 will be about songs from the 21st century as the top 7 finalists take on the stage. This is quite a broad topic so we are curious what the contestants are going to sing. Will there be Katy Perry or Lady Gaga song for the girls? Will there be Justin Bieber, David Cook or Green Day songs for the guys?

Pia Toscano is still in the news. She’s going to be a guest in dancing with the Stars next Tuesday. Wonder what will she perform while Mark Ballas and Karina Smirnoff dance?

Anyway, back to American Idol tonight, please do check back for call or text numbers to vote here. Song choices will also be posted.

1. Scotty McCreery – Swingin – 1-866-436-5701

2. James Durbin – Uprising – 1-866-436-5702

3. Haley Reinhart – Rolling in the Deep – 1-866-436-5703

4. Jacob Lusk – Dance With My Father – 1-866-436-5704

5. Casey Abrams – Harder to Breathe – 1-866-436-5705

6. Stefano Langone – Closer – 1-866-436-5706

7. Lauren Alania – Born to Fly – 1-866-436-5707


44 thoughts on “American Idol April 20, 2011 Performance 4/20/11 Call Numbers

  1. James Durbin, I HOPE HE BRINGS THE HOUSE DOWN TONIGHT . He is so deserving of this title, Scotty hasn’t done an exciting thing yet, and lots of people say ,he’s going to win. I hope this wrong !!!!

  2. I don’t understand why people hate on Scotty, he has a great voice, all of the contestants do, and I believe James is a great singer as well. You don’t need to hate on Scotty just because he sings country music, your problem isn’t with Scotty it is with country music period. Of course if Scotty does win it is because he deserved it.

  3. Scotty is the worst. He is annoying nothing about him I like, the way he sings, looks, or anything else. They Have already got rid of the best one on there, Pia. By the way I love country music, just not Scotty.

  4. Hailey really wowed the judges with “Moaning” and I’m hoping she can keep up the momentum. Casey was probably a big help in showcasing her in that song and I hope he will continue to help her with song selection. Hailey only needs the right song for her because she can sing anything. GO HALEY GO!

  5. I think all Of u suck. Scotty I a great singer and I’m not a big fan of country music I listen to skid row megadeth judas priest ect. And if I had to think the future of rock lies in the voice of James durbin I’m screwed. I pray Scotty to win I will definantly go see him perform anyday and buy his cd.and put along side my megadeth collection. Love u Scotty boy wishing u all the luck that god can provide us. please all u haters get a life.

  6. Yeah Paul was cool he should have stayed and James takin off last week what’s wrong with James’s eyes he can’t hold them open is this a case of a disability I missed or something is that why he is still on u know they did that with william hung just asking couldn’t help but notice I did just start watching 4weeks ago. ???

  7. Oh and by the way I continued to watch because I instantly became obsessed with scotty he reminds me of my 16 year old son they could pass as twins and scottys voice is perfect.

  8. GO LAUREN AND HALEY! By the way scotty is amazing? ha whoever is hatin i dont see you on american idol? and james and jacobbb,,,, leave already!

  9. James has multiple disabilities, one of them being autism, so ya, he can’t help the twitching of his eyes. also, what does it matter that he can’t control his eyes, you think that’s why he’s still on the show?! try telling Stevie Wonder he’s only in the business because he’s blind!

  10. Go Scotty! When was the last time you saw a person this young with this much talent and no pretend. I get goose bumps whenever he sings and I don’t listen to country music. They can scream all they want on that stage but if you don’t have it, you don’t have it.

  11. I think Scotty is one of the best ones on there, he has talent and I’m not a big fan of country either. I really hope he wins!!!!!

  12. James is amazing! Working in the medical field and knowing he has a form of autism and the eye twitches and cough is called tourettes its involentary movements or vocal tics that happen and stress can make them worse. I think he is amazing and would love to see him win it! Being someone who suffers from diabetes i feel for everyone out there who has a illness or disability please try not to be so judgemental its hard enough to live life with these disabilities and illnesses.

  13. I think that Scottie is really good. Natural. Has an Elvis apeal. Like Beatlemania, but the “Oh, oooh, hello!” of the Elvis. He’s got something that obviously transcinds musical barriers. He’s right at you in all Scottishness.

  14. I am very disappointed in Randy’s comments tonight. I generally think there is a conspiracy in everything. Tonight Randy you up my belief in thinking that way. I distinctly remember several weeks ago you said that Jacob needed to tone “it down”; tonight you told him to open up. What do you really think Randy….did someone get to you? We know you can’t deny his talent as he can “blow”. I would hate to go the race way but there might be some truth in what they say in the hood…American Idol is fixed.

  15. James and Casey are the only true artists on the show now that Paul is gone. The rest are just pop start types that are AirPrint short timers

  16. I think scotty and paul were the best in the competition!and now that paul is gone scotty deserves to win!!he is really great and talented!…theres no one like him!!…jacob should leave american idol! I dont like the way he sings or even worst the way he looks and moves in the stage!he really sucks!!

  17. Casey seriously s*cks lol american idol is fixed, and Casey is their pick, Randy,Lopez,Steven can’t tell me Caseys performance was any better than anyone elses tonight, they always say he does amazing and constantly go on about how the “ladies” love him and all this bullcrap, he looks like a creep and im sure no girl would touch him with a 10 foot pole, and the whole kissing lopez on the cheek was set up, why else would she turn her head for him to do it? lol haha american idol is rigged and Casey is the one theyre going to have win it… i said it first.

  18. James’s singing sucked so bad tonight I used to love that song he ruined it. Scotty u were great as usual wish u would have chose another song though, but like u said u were great anyway. I knew there must have been a disability involve with this james that we must feel so sorry for him. No offense to him and his problem. But I hope that I don’t have to hear his singing on the radio some day.

  19. Jacob keep your head up and go to church throughout the rest of this competition let them know who GOD really is it’s time to step it up sing like you are singing to Jesus to save your soul. You better go to church and stay there, God is with you all the way just have faith and keep it. Don’t let your guards down you have come to far now to turn back. Be yourself and don’t worry about what people think of you, they talked about Jesus christ so you go to the top and stay there Gods angels are all around you. whatever you sing go to church all the way. I’m in your corner and I lost my father too, so I know how you feel that is when you go to God and ask for help, he’s there for you. So remember have faith and show them how to have church with whatever song you decide to sing, you better bring down the walls. I know you can do it step out on faith let them see your many talents that you hold inside let it all out make me want to shout and let them see that Mr. Jacob Lusk is no joke! I want to see you go higher. You can do this LOL!!!!! (laugh out loud)

    Love You
    Someone who cares

  20. James sux so bad I can’t stand to even look at that looser. Please America let’s get rid of this guy once n for all. He is not rock

  21. You guys are crazy Paul s**ked I’m glad he’s gone and hopefully Jacob is next he annoys me so much and he screams not sings……..Gooooooo Stefano!!!!!!!

  22. Well scotty did awful last night..I Wish I was one of the contestants that got to say something about him. he is terrible. Stefano also did awful, he is going home tonight. Jacob and Casey, top two. All you people that are in love with scotty, how can you even sit there and watch him sing, it is terrible, does he have something wrong with his neck??

  23. Ilove to hear Scotty sing and I love that laid back country personality. I wish he had sang something else last night but it was good. I just think for the rest of the compitition he needs to sing songs that wow the crowd, like when he sang I told you so. I’d like to hear him sing WHEN I THINK ABOUT CHEATING. Anyway I’m hoping he will win. I’d love to have a country american idol. and scottys the one to do it.

  24. just wanted to say it one more time, my vote to win is scotty. I think james has talent , but personally I don’t like rock and the way he screams. I’d like to see him and jacob and casey gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  25. Hey Idol Fans – in the end, all will be eliminated except one……so Vote, Vote, Vote for the one you want to win. I like Scotty and Lauren – but I like Country Music. The others must be good also, because they are still here.

  26. I cannot stand Stefano, he should have been gone he sings off key every week. James, Casey , Jacob are good. James is creative, and Casey should sing Jazz. The girls both suck they got rid of the true idol female, which was PIA, she had looks, knew what to wear and boy could she sing. Scotty should be over on the County network, please Simon didn’t call this the COUNTRY IDOL! Please! Give me a break.

  27. I LOVE LAUREN HALEY AND SCOTTIE!!!!!!!!! PLEASE VOTE FOR THEM!!!!!!!!!!! no offense but I don’t really like james… I think he screams… he hurts my ears

  28. Pia was always my first pick from day one to bring it all home! I’m still upset she went home so early! Casey & Haley are my favorites! Casey is the only true artist!!! And Haley has such a distinct sexy voice. They where both born for Jazz 🙂

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