American Idol April 22, 2015 Result 4/22/15 Voting Numbers

The top 5 finalists will be revealed tonight on American Idol, but before that, we get to see the top 6 perform first.

Tonight’s theme is “Arena Anthems” and each finalist will be performing two songs again.

Who do you think will be in the bottom two?

The voting numbers are already posted as well as the song choices courtesy of TV Line. Results will be posted on who got voted off tonight. While waiting it, follow this blog on Twitter, or like on Facebook.

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Update: Quentin Alexander got voted off!


Tyanna Jones – “Heaven” and “Party in the USA”

– 1866 IDOLS 05 or Text 5 to 21523


Clark Beckham – “Yesterday” and “Boyfriend”

– 1866 IDOLS 09 or Text 9 to 21523


Jax – “White Flag” and “Are You Gonna Be My Girl”

– 1866 IDOLS 07 or Text 7 to 21523


Nick Fradiani – “Maggie May” and “Harder to Breathe”

– 1866 IDOLS 06 or Text 6 to 21523


Quentin Alexander – “Light My Fire” and Shake It Out”

– 1866 IDOLS 11 or Text 11 to 21523


Rayvon Owen – “Go Your Own Way” and “I’m Not The Only One”

– 1866 IDOLS 02 or Text 2 to 215123


** It’s the final save this season



1. Ratvon Owen

2. Quentin Alexander



Quentin Alexander



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