American Idol April 28, 2011 Results Who got voted off 4/28/11

American Idol April 28, 2011 results show tonight will determine the final five. Each week get exciting as the finale draw near. Who are you predicting to be leaving next? Will your favorite contestant make it to the next round of the competition? Who gets kicked off American Idol 4/28/11 results? It will be here soon.

It’s Carole King week on the show and we think the finalists did okay. They also performed duets with the pair being Casey & Haley, Lauren & Scotty and James & Jacob. Did you like their performance?

After tonight, it could be two girls and two guys or three guys and a girl? Who will be in the bottom three and in danger of leaving? We are predicting it to be Casey, Haley and Jacob. What do you think?

Anyway, Crystal Bowersox and Bruno Mars are the performers while we get tense on who’s going home.

So, check back this post again as we give updates about the contestant who got voted off American Idol April 28, 2011 results.

Update: Casey Abrams was voted off! Thoughts?

Top 6 performs

Crystal Bowersox performs

Haley Reinhart – safe

Scotty McCreery – hanging tight safe

Lauren Alania – hanging tight safe

Casey Abrams – hanging tight eliminated

James Durbin – safe

Jacob Lusk – safe

Bruno Mars performs

176 thoughts on “American Idol April 28, 2011 Results Who got voted off 4/28/11

  1. Casey gone? Geez, he is the most multi talented of all of them. Jacob s*cks big time. He wouldn’t do as well as Ruben and we all know that Ruben is a virtual unknown! Haley ……… ah, Haley …………. petite and oozing sex appeal …………. so so singer ……….. her sex appeal is keeping her there. Howdy Doody …. er, Scott(y) ……… tiresome ………. drop down to the super low tones gets old. Did actually enjoy his performance last night though. Lauren is good, 16 years old! Cute and cute personality to boot! Not idol winner material though but she’s got a good future and my prediction will be that she’s an upcoming “Carrie Underwood” country star. James is good but honestly, doesn’t anybody else get tired of his screaming?? He’s better when he’s mellow and I wouldn’t be surprised if he wins it. Casey will make it in the business without a doubt. I liked the variety of his performances and thought he brought something refreshingly different to the show. Good luck Casey! We’ll be looking for your first album! Now, bring on that sexy Haley! Whew!

  2. They all have talent…however…Jacob would be better suited in another venue other than the entertainment industry….Emotionally he would not handle it….He doesn’t even fit in with the cast members…He will make a contribution elsewhere & find his life fulfilling & satisfying without trying to fit in where he is not qualified….It is that simple.

  3. The judges were to fast in saving the wrong singer. All the singers must feel really bad, when Ryan asks the judges who they would pick.I hope Scotty gets American idol.


    Okay, Jacob s*cks horribly, I have no idea why he’s /still/ in this competition. I agree with one of the previous posts, this is about talent, and Jacob is nothing but a little sweet boy- not a singer. He doesn’t have much talent and is TOO forgettable.
    Honestly, the only reason half of these people got in were because SIMON ISN’T THERE. Jennifer is too much of a pushover, Randy is, well… Not the best judge of voices no matter where he came from, and Steven?.. Don’t even get me started on that pervert.
    Casey only got voted off because of all the jealous little guys out there who’ll never get the chance to kiss Jennifer Lopez. Really, he’s a wonderful artist- I believe he brought some real music to the table unlike the other contestants. Scotty can’t do anything /but/ country, and everyone else isn’t that good. Hell, I didn’t even remember Jacob’s name until two weeks ago.

    Rantrantrant, Just speaking my opinion on things.

  5. James is the best in my opinion. Scotty is second best. I don’t think Haley is that good of a singer at all. Jacob doesn’t have that certain something that it takes, and I don’t think that Casey should have been eliminated this week.

  6. It is evident that Pia was eliminated IN SPITE of her great talent..She has already made many appearances that past winners NEVER were even considered for….She will go far..So what is wrong with sticking with what you are best suited for ? Brings pleasure to her fans….find fault with that !

  7. OMG!!!!!….Casey is eliminated???? REALLY AMERICA???? Jacob should have gone home….. He doesn’t have the American Idol talent…This is why we should change the voting system on the show…Casey will go far…just wait and see!

  8. Fans support their favorites SO just keep that in mind & they will all find their place in the music industry where they do best….TALENT RULES !

  9. Sooooo glad Casey is gone! He always sounded like he needed a laxative! Also, I think he is a bit too arrogant to be taught how to use what talent he has.

  10. Wow, well Ryan did say that we will be surprised. Geez that’s, well, CRAZY. I liked him. my family liked him too so sad. Almost as sad as Pia getting voted off. :(( and Stefano. These things are always sad ugh!

  11. Pia was certainly eye candy and had a perfect / trained voice ………. but no “stage appeal / personality” She’ll do fine out in the business. Stefano was a nice kid, but his voice was too high and squeaky.


  12. Casey is too smart and too talented for this show. Have I said …………..
    GET RID OF JACOB lately????? Good God! Next week for sure! I’m training my cat to “take votes” off of his count …………………

  13. da whole american wanna be idol show has gotten old. on top of teeny boppers voting over and over again for cute guys that really can’t sing and the judges saying repetitive shit just to make their selves look good and nice for their image, this show is on the way out. unless the show makes changes on how the voting is done and the judges have more of a say on who stays or leaves, the show will never have a real so called american idol. this show used to be fun to watch, but now i dvr it just to catch the good parts. steven and j-lo are good judges but randy has gotten old and boring with his yo dawg, well you know it was kinda of shit. i think the producers hold back steven tyler on what he really wants to voice. i’ll give AI one more year before something better comes along. this is a show set up to find the next pop star not a real singer, huge money that’s all. james is the best singer on the show a mix of axl rose and dio, for those reasons he probanly won’t win, which would be a shame, it’ll probably come down to the two country singers, seeing how this is a country/pop based format. but what the hell it is what it is and what it is s*cks., i play in a metal MEGADETH style band and sing my ass off. make huge dollars doing it, but would never lower myself to a show like this. good luck to the contestants, there have been a few good ones, david cook, daughtry, carrie, kelly, jordan, but other than that what happen to the others, you don’t even hear from them. the modern day dick clark is laughing all the way to the bank as are thge producers. as the top 10 have to bust there asses week in week out and then go out on tour for a big maybe at at a chance for stardom. in closing, i guess if the fans of the show continue to watch ryan, the judges and the producers will be banking it. the talent this year is fair but really no idol in the bunch. so this will probably be my last year watching it, unless changes are made which i doubt. so f*ck it!

  14. James was too rock for me at first …but he does have natural talent.he knows music…He can tone it down & sound great..has a .great sense of pitch ! That takes talent…not everyone can boast of that fact…Up until this year they would be criticized for making the wrong song choices…finally this year they provided the contestants with musical advisers who gave good advice. What a difference that made .

  15. Judge trash time ………..

    Randy ……….. dropping names all the time. So heavily favors the black singers it’s obvious ……….

    Steven ………. is he really shorter than Ryan? Funny … very funny but he wouldn’t say *%&^ if he had a mouthful …….

    JaaaaaaaaaLooooooooo …………. gawd ……… is she really 40? Man, she’s hot, nice, sweet, sensitive ………. but seems too afraid to give a “negatively” constructive comment ……

    I’m jus sayin’ ……….

  16. I can’t believe Casey gets voted off tonight. I thought for sure it would be Jacob – it should have been! I think Jacob has actually gotten worse as the competition progresses. Scotty I like and felt his performance last night proved he could go beyond his signature low bass sound and still sound good. I also really like James and think we might have a showdown of metal vs. country when it gets down to the final two.

  17. J-Lo can handle giving objective worry…This year they have had talented performers & well advised performers & well prepared performers so the criticisms were not as prevalent or met with resistance…in other words, they weregiven in a proper manner & accepted as they were intended….Simons’ rationale is thankfully a thing of the past…..

  18. Jacob’s “somethings caught in my throat” sound is horrible! Nice kid, big gay following I suppose ………. hey, whatever it takes huh?

  19. I have no idea what America is thinking…Scotty, Haley, and Jacob should have been gone a loooong time ago…Pia, Stefano, and now Casey should still be on there…James is the only one left that I truly like so that’s who I’m rooting for…If he leaves soon then I’m done watching…Those four are the only ones that have the true talent…No clue why America is not seeing this

  20. Simon was harsh, no doubt Melody but he was usually right on too ………… I’d take next season with him and Randy gone …… even though Randy is a nice guy …

  21. Haley has Someone rig the phonelines.
    She think she is better than e everybody else. Pia is awesome and so as thia. They already have appearances and thia has shows both are recording already. Haley, she may or may not win this but who r u kidding HALEY U S*CKs! I meant that literary.

  22. Well, there are good ways to get the job done & not so good ways….Simon took it too far…His personality & background just didn’t cut it…watching contestants with tears streaming down their cheeks after one of his tongue lashings was not necessary…..nope….

  23. True story Melody ……. Simon was / is an arrogant prick but even though his delivery was wrong to the nth degree, he was basically and usually ……….. right. Good he’s gone. Have you heard that he and JLo (and Mark Anthony) are going to scour S America for the best Latino singer in a new show? Oh brother …. what next?

  24. Randy ? Yeah he has his issues too…….been there too long..probably doesn’t have anything else to do….I think that J-Lo & Steven have their patience tested by him…..

  25. News FLASH!!! It was just divulged that Jacob’s wardrobe is designed by …………. none other than …………… PeeWee Herman!!!!

  26. i think scotty is a great singer no matter what happens. These ladies are occupying space for nothing. why is jacob still in the competition?. he sack big time. Is scotty all the way.

  27. News to me, NYD…I guess anything is possible…You know the night that Simon told Kelly Pickler that she sang better than Carrie Underwood showed he wasn’t always spot on…

  28. ……… but he was when he called her a “sexy little minx” ……. Gads, is KP really that simple minded? I always enjoyed the stuff she would say ………. funny .

  29. Jacob and Ruben both s*ck!!!! No one that watches this show wants a gosspal idol. Jacob needs to make a church album and move on.
    Caseys growl was annoying after the 4th time. His antics is what got him kicked off……
    Hayley is beautiful as well as Lauren. Great singers
    James needs to get off the screaming otherwise he’s next!!!!!
    Scotty sucks! Over it.

  30. KP has a career of sorts…..she gets exposure in the country industry…singing ? no …more as a personality…they like the simple life..& she fits in … So she is harmless….was cuter before all of the cosmetic renovations ….natural cuteness…much better….well she is happy so what’s the problem with that ?

  31. all the people saying get rid of jacob must be deaf & dumb. either that or they’re mad that he’s black and is better than anybody this season. how about we get rid of scotty, lauren & hayley

  32. 5 Contestants remain….just relax…one by one in five weeks there will be a new American Idol & you can move on to something else…….Cheez ! root for the one you like &
    VOTE !

  33. At least this writer didn’t erroneously claim that Scotty, Lauren and Jacob were in the “bottom 3”; Seacrest made it clear that the contestants were presented in no particular order (different tactic obviously for dramatic effects). Others who have written articles have jumped to the wrong conclusions because of previous shows (which, unlike this one, DID have a “bottom 3”.

    I am glad for Casey’s sake he’s off; ulcerative colitis much too dangerous for the stress of show business. I think he will see how overwhelming it can be on the tour. He is a very emotional person- hyperventilated after the former “save”. Stress brings on episodes of UC, and this horrible affliction can easily lead to colon cancer. Even his manager/booking agent mentions the condition on their site; seems to me to be warning those who might want to book him.

  34. Life goes on..& it’s time to change gears…next weeks a new ballgame………in the meantime remaining “5” practice, practice, practice & more practice. Then go out there & do your best A I wanna be’s…we’ll be back…..Royal Wedding, anyone ?

  35. I liked Casey most of the times but sometimes he was just a little much. He always had his head in the right place, but last night I felt like he overdid it. James and Haley are easily the best ones in the competition (since day one), but Haley probably won’t make it that much further because of the way votes are going this year. Lauren and Scotty are both incredibly overrated to me. Lauren’s actually really good but she lacks a lot of confidence, and isn’t much different to many past female singers on AI. Scotty, on the other hand, has hardly any vocal ability other than the fact that his voice is suited perfectly for classic country music. I thought he was awful last night and felt like the judges blew smoke up his ass – like they always do. I like him, but it’s a shame that he’ll most likely make it to the finale but – as far as singing ability and entertainment goes – should have left around top 8 or 9.

    As far as Pia goes, I think it’s a good thing she left early. It was such a shocking factor to take in that one of the most vocally-skilled singers on the show could be cut so quick – the people didn’t get enough of her. When you think about it there is not a whole lot of people who actually become really successful after AI, even after winning it. If she had stayed the whole time, I feel like people would get the jist of her and then when AI got her hands on her record-deal wise, it would ruin her career. This way, America (and those outside of America) felt the need to hear more. I feel this is going to be a great career boost for her. But honestly, while she was on the show I was bored with most of her performances. The song she sang the week she got eliminated was pretty bad.

    I think Jacob will be heading home next week. He’s got great vocal ability as well, but there’s just something about his performances that just don’t quite do it for me. He hasn’t been quite as “wow” for me since he sang I Believe I Can Fly and a couple others in the early stages.

    James is phenomenal, and so is Haley. I’m hoping for them in the Finale, and if that magically happens, I wouldn’t care who wins. I like Haley more so I would be pulling for her, but I feel like she’s going to have the same career afterward either way and I would buy my first album released by an American Idol contestant. Her voice is just that addicting to me. Benny and the Jets had me on youtube for hours a time, and then again for Rolling in the Deep.

    Well that’s my rant.

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