American Idol April 28, 2011 Results Who got voted off 4/28/11

American Idol April 28, 2011 results show tonight will determine the final five. Each week get exciting as the finale draw near. Who are you predicting to be leaving next? Will your favorite contestant make it to the next round of the competition? Who gets kicked off American Idol 4/28/11 results? It will be here soon.

It’s Carole King week on the show and we think the finalists did okay. They also performed duets with the pair being Casey & Haley, Lauren & Scotty and James & Jacob. Did you like their performance?

After tonight, it could be two girls and two guys or three guys and a girl? Who will be in the bottom three and in danger of leaving? We are predicting it to be Casey, Haley and Jacob. What do you think?

Anyway, Crystal Bowersox and Bruno Mars are the performers while we get tense on who’s going home.

So, check back this post again as we give updates about the contestant who got voted off American Idol April 28, 2011 results.

Update: Casey Abrams was voted off! Thoughts?

Top 6 performs

Crystal Bowersox performs

Haley Reinhart – safe

Scotty McCreery – hanging tight safe

Lauren Alania – hanging tight safe

Casey Abrams – hanging tight eliminated

James Durbin – safe

Jacob Lusk – safe

Bruno Mars performs

176 thoughts on “American Idol April 28, 2011 Results Who got voted off 4/28/11

  1. I wish them all well & Yes…next week it HAS to be Jacobs turn to board the plane for home..
    Signing off til then…….ta ta

  2. He is one of the few that has been able to bring back Jazz and Blues in to a young generation…his career is just beginning….look for him still in 40 years on top of the charts. What a career h e is going to have, and his has the drive and understanding of what it talkes!

  3. Casey is the most original out of all the contestants this year.
    Plus, he’ll be on tour with AI thru the summer! This is not the last we’ll hear of him. He is a fantastic singer, bassist and performer…and has many years to look forward to in the music biz!!! Keep your chin up buddy…you knocked it out of the ball park…keep doing what you do! 😉

  4. Why are so many of you so cruel to Jacob??? He definitely has talented!!!!! You may not like his voice and his style…and that is ok. But at least give credit where credit is due. Another thing…. from one straight, LAY OFF THE HOM*PHOBIA!

    It is so sad when we can not embrace God given diversity. We all come from the same dirt and we shall all return to the same dirt.

  5. This stinks Alabamas power was out on the 27th due to a tornado we need a ree vote he was one of my favorites:( Jacob needs to gooooo home!!!!!!!

  6. Remember the premise of the show..It IS a.Singing & talent competition & NOT a personality or lifestyle contest ! Stop over-analyzing it to death….It is not a matter of semantics..
    If your favorite contestant is not garnering enough votes to stay in the competition then for heaven sakes get on your phone & V-O-T-E- ! That is what REALLY counts ! None of the other garbage you keep throwing out there….Ryan tells all of us every week…VOTE ! VOTE ! VOTE ! VOTE ! FOR YOUR FAVORITE CONTESTANT……..
    It IS as simple as that folks! Accept that as fact.

  7. Huh ? you have definitely got me mixed up with someone else! I don’t go there in my comments…just talk about singing talent…get your facts right…calling names won’t solve a thing…..

  8. Casey was the best, it’s a shame people couldn’t get past the growling. Jacob, Haley and James are next in line to win. Lauren and Scotty are adorable but not as talented as James, Jacob and Haley. Little girls, vote for talent, this is not a cute guy contest, it’s a singing competion.

  9. May the best performer win ! & the rest of the singers win recording contracts….covers all bases…..everyone is happy.
    Does it get any better than that ?

  10. Brianna:

    admin:@courtney – ryan didn’t reveal the result whether Scotty is in the bottom three. He just told him to hang in there

    Actually, Scotty was in the bottom three.It’s because he can’t actually sing–girls just vote for him because he’s “cute”.Team Haley!

    He can sing if you actually know Country music but some people are just stuck in one variety of music and think everything else sucks just cuz they don’t like the person but let me tell you something thats not how you judge.

  11. I would love to hear what James and Haley could do with “Gimme Shelter” ( The Stones ). I think with James’ lead and the range of Haley singing the back ground this could become a re-release and smash the charts!

  12. i was really happy to find out that casey got eliminated because i never really liked his voice it got all raspy and i really hope the next person getting voted off will be haley reinhart. she’s like casey with the raspy voice.

  13. I think that Casey didn’t have the right voice to win. Scotty and Lauren are doing great in the country area. Jacob is ok he sometimes doesn’t sound good when he elongates his words. And Haley is ok but she kinda acts like she is all that.

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