American Idol April 29, 2015 Result 4/29/15 Voting Numbers

American Idol top 4 contestants are revealed tonight. Who’s going home and who’s moving on to the next round?

Note that there’s no more fan save.

Below are the voting numbers as well as the song choices. Results will be posted on who went home as soon as available.

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Update: Tyanna Jones got voted off!


Clark Beckham – “Living for the City”

– 1866 IDOLS 09 or Text 9 to 21523


Jax – “Empire State of Mind”

– 1866 IDOLS 07 or Text 7 to 21523


Nick Fradiani – “Bright Lights”

– 1866 IDOLS 06 or Text 6 to 21523


Rayvon Owen – “Need You Now”

– 1866 IDOLS 02 or Text 2 to 215123




1. Rayvon Owen

2. Tyanna Jones



Tyanna Jones



5 thoughts on “American Idol April 29, 2015 Result 4/29/15 Voting Numbers

  1. I have watched Idol since the start. I have hated the new format of the bottom two being voted on with a 5 minute vote. If you are the bottom you should go. It is so fishy to me that Rayvon keeps winning. I have stopped watching the show and will continue not watching because of this. I am going to switch to the Voice. The only good thing left on Idol is the judges.

  2. I totally agree with you. Rayvon should of been gone long ago. It just about kills him to Not sing up high. He should be a back up singer, and that’s it!! I do not like the new format either!!

  3. I actually like Rayvon. I’m glad he keeps on staying. He actually lived where I live currently, and I saw him on his hometown concert!!!! I really hope Rayvon makes it through another week or two.

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