American Idol April 5, 2012 Results Who got voted off 4/5/12

American Idol season 11 top 8 results show airs tonight, April 5, 2012. One of the idol finalists will say goodbye at the end of the episode. Who do you think will it be? Will it be down to three boys and four girls, or it will be the other way around? Let’s find out who gets eliminated on American Idol top 8 results.

The mentors last were Gwen Stefani and Tony Kanal of No Doubt. The top 8 took the stage and performed songs from the 80s. It was a broad theme where they sang twice. First was their solo performances and their second song was with fellow contestants for a duet. There were some good performances while some were just okay. But of course, there are those who were stand outs.

The song choices were from singers and groups which includes Debarge, Foreigner, Simply Red, Whitney Houston, Genesis, Irene Cara, Cyndi Lauper, Bette Midler, Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton, The Pointer Sisters, Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty and Aretha Franklink & George Michael.

Skylar Laine got the pimp spot and she was great. We thought it would just be another ordinary performance but she really stood out and was the best last night. Jessica Sanchez, as always did great but we thought she should have picked a song by other singers. Elise Testone also did great but we think last week was still her best performance. Hollie Cavanagh, on the other hand, could be in danger tonight after the judges gave her a not so good review. Steven even said she was pitchy thoughout the song. Randy corrected him though and said it was only off in a few moments.

Among the boys, our favorite are Colton Dixon though we didn’t like his song choice “Time After Time”. Phillip Phillips also did okay with his rendition of “That’s All”. Joshua did okay too but he could be in the bottom three, depending on how America voted. Deandre Brackensick could be in the bottom three as well though the judges gave him good reviews.

Jennifer Lopez, The Wanted and Kellie Pickler are the guest performers for tonight. The video of JLo’s song “Dance Again” premieres tonight.

Anyway, our prediction for the bottom three are Hollie Cavanagh, Deandre Brackensick and Joshua Ledet. How about you? Any predictions?

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Update: DeAndre Brackensick gets voted off! The judges didn’t save him. JLo wanted to though.

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JLo’s “Dance Again” video is shown…

The Wanted performs “Glad You Came”…

Kelly Pickler performs “Where’s Tammy Wynette”…



Those who are safe:

– Joshua Ledet

– Jessica Sanchez

– Colton Dixon

– Skylar Laine

– Phillip Phillips

– Hollie Cavanagh

– Elise Testone


Bottom three:

– DeAndre Brackensick

– Hollie Cavanagh

– Elise Testone

44 thoughts on “American Idol April 5, 2012 Results Who got voted off 4/5/12

  1. My bottom 3 are hollie, elise & possibly joshua or deandre or dixon . .but the boys did perform good, perfect for josh. . .deandre’s just did so good, so natural as he was on stage & he’s loved by all. . .I guess hollie will be voted out. . .she commits a number of pitchy notes. . .

  2. i totally want deandre to go. followed closely by joshua. i’m not feeling it from them.
    top 4 for me are colton, phillip, elise and jessica.
    skylar and hollie are ok.

  3. I think the bottom 3 will be Hollie, Elise and Deandre or maybe Skylar. Hollie has a powerful voice, but she feels uncomfortable, everytime she’s on stage. As per the performance last night, Hollie will be the one to go. The only lady who was not been in the bottom 3 is Jessica and Phillip amongst the male.

  4. The one who should win it all is colton his voice is great and. He is not afraid to show everyone hid faith in God he gets my vote always

  5. I think it will be Hollie who is leaving the show today. Her performances are way too stiff! She needs to learn to relax on stage.


    Colton sings with pure passion. I don’t understand why Jimmy was dissing him for showing his emotions on stage, a few nights ago.

  7. Hollie is great..a pure & natural talent…after last night Skylar proved her talent as well.
    Joshua only knows how to shriek ! Jessica is overrated !
    Deandre & his falsetto are a pain…a little would be sufficient but he can’t seem to get off of it. Colton is talented & respectful ….Elise has talent but needs to find her “nitch”

  8. I just need Jessica, Joshua, and Hollie to go home, The rest I would much rather have stay, I hope Jessica gets off right after this… but then the judges will just save her with their stupid save. Hopefully they will use it on someone net week, then Jessica can go home.

    • Hey, are you jealous of Jessica? .. jealousy could kill.. 🙂 eat your heart out.. she will be there until finals……

  9. Hollie is OK she has alot of talent if she would learn to relax. Jessica has a WONDERFUL voice! Colten I Hope and Pray that he wil WIN!!! I don’t like Skylar I think she tries to put on who she really isnt! I like phillip phillips he is OK!! I some what like Elise!! I just don’t like Joshua!!

    For me It’s team Dixon!!!!

  10. Not surprised by the elimination tonight. Colton and Jessica will be in the final 2, that is unless those who have zero taste in music vote others to the finals like the last several years. Only time will tell if America is still voting for talent or jus looks.

  11. OK so Im goung in both directions right now two main people I think shold win are Skylar Laine and Colten heyare both really good singers. This is going to bea good year on idol

  12. Hollie is almost flawless in every performance, the only reason the judges rip her every week is because she was not born in America. They do not want a foreigner winning AMERICAN Idol plain and simple. I truly think Hollie is by far the best female singer in the competition and she takes on big songs every week and KILLS IT every time. The judges need to get all over Deandre, Elise, and sometimes Colton and Joshua…. Hollie and Philip should be in the finals

  13. deandre shouldnt have left no matter if you like him or not. everyone knows that hollie did horrible the other night and the wrong dessicion was made. even between deandre and elise; elise should have left. even JLO said so.

    • i know the show was last week but i came back on here to see what people had to day and i can not beveile it.. im going to go through every person and you guys can reply back to my comments. i would like to know what you all think. i am going to put my TOP 5 down next to everyones name..Colton- hes one of the best i think he will be there for the TOP 5Joshua- is good but hes very churchy and that doesn’t appeal to everyones taste in music-Deandre- he will stay for his looks, but i think he is also very good even though he has a very high voiceElise- She has a good voice but her attitude sucks, she would be more liked if she was a b*t*hHollie- young and good, she has good weeks and bad but everyone has those days- i hope she stays- TOP 5Jessica- 100% amazing, pretty, young, and it just comes out like she doesnt have to try i love her so muchHeejun- NEEDS TO GO. his voice is yuck and hes getting very annoying now. hes not funny guys!Phil- He knows how to change up the songs and thats important and he has a good voice- TOP 5Skyler- her voice is awful, shes so tangy and he notes are always off pitch- its ridiculous.So my top five is (NO ORDER) Jessica Colton Deandre Hollie Phil

  14. @maria: what are you talking about. Deandre is horrible. He should have been voted off long time ago!!! Hollie is a much better singer.

  15. Deandre leaving I saw it coming!let’s face it his falsetto wudnt av carried him 2 d finals!ma final two wud be jessica,colton,!ny of dem cud win wud be hapi.

  16. It definately should have been Hollie that was sent packing last night. Even though I at times get kinda bored with Deandres falcetto, he is truely gifted. Imo – the winner is Joshua.

  17. go go go jessica! the american idol 2012 corwn is for you! you are so so good in singing. your voice is so beautiful!

  18. opps be careful let us hope that america will vote for a singer who will have the whole package…. voice, feeling, etc. as JLO said right?

  19. I really really really hope a girl wins. Men have won the past 4 times and I’m so mad that they keep voting off girls who clearly have so much talent. I honestly believe that the teeny boppers are only voting for the guys that are cute instead of voting for the talent. Either that, or the show is rigged. If another guy wins, I’m never going to watch the show again.

  20. Boring who sing scream, if i will listening ,wow !cant sleep …>_< jessica and jasou like like like scream scream , yap !

  21. What did that MiNI ICECREAM say above me? It was rather hard to figure out. Idol is voted on by a bunch of materialistic teenie boppers who only vote on the cutest guy/prettiest girl. Why do you think that most of the Idol winners are nobodies? Probably because they shouldn’t have won in the first place.
    Hollie sings almost as well as Celine Dion. Who wouldn’t want her to win? If this show was about singing then she would win, but… it isn’t.

  22. I don’t agree with Rande or Stevin I agree with Jenifer I thought deandre was great. 🙁 I’m sad that deandre was voted off

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