American Idol April 7, 2011 Results Who got voted off 4/7/11

American Idol April 7, 2011 results show will reveal the fate of the top 9 contestants. Who did get the least number of votes? Did America had the right choice of contestant to send home? Who gets kicked off American Idol 4/7/11 results?

Only one will be leaving tonight but before that, Constantine Maroulis will be performing “Unchained Melody”. We’ll get to know in between who’s safe and who’s not. They all performed well than last week though like Paul, Stefano and Haley. This week has been the best so far in our opinion. But things could get interesting depending on the results tonight.

Who do you think will be in the bottom three? We are predicting it’s Paul, Stefano and Lauren. Are we correct? We’ll find out soon. How about you? Who do you think will they be?

As always, updates will be here on who got voted off American Idol April 7, 2011 results.

Update: Pia Toscano was voted out!!! It was shocking, isn’t it?

Casey Abrams – safe

Lauren Alaina – safe

Stefano Langone – in the bottom three safe

Paul McDonald – safe

Scotty McCreery – safe

Pia Toscano – in the bottom three

Haley Reinhart – safe

James Durbin – safe

Jacob Lusk – in the bottom three safe

118 thoughts on “American Idol April 7, 2011 Results Who got voted off 4/7/11

  1. I have been laughing my head off. This is some funny stuff. Can’t believe folks can get s riled up about something so simple as a singing contest. Wanta get mad about something? Get mad about or stupid government officials who are selling the US down the river. Fixin to stop combat pay for our soldiers who are risking their lives. Want to feel sorry for someone? Feel sorry for the Japanese people who have lost their homes and precious loved ones! What is wrong with you people? It is just a singing contest where a bunch of unknown singers get to compete, get pampered, get to be in Ford comercials and live it up for a few weeks. They’ll all get recording contracts and live happily ever after. so…….GET A GRIP !!!!!

  2. Pia ? Wow…no voting fan base? Hard to build in a short time frame.

    Don’t worry she will go to the top of the Biz faster than you can imagine. She might have to work a little longer to get an Oscar though.

    Remember other who went home? When you got it you got it! Go Girl!

  3. Why are the judges upset at “America”? They should take a long look in the mirror, as they blew it when they used the “save” on Casey. That was poor judgement. He can’t sing, but screams. He will never amount to anything significant, like most of the winners.

  4. i m glad Pia she’s on bottom three . You know why coz she doesn’t have personality at all she is a very cold person and selfish. she’s always concern about her looks. and i don’t really like her voice either. like i said Thia, got better voice than she does. she sounds like a person who’s having a malaria. ha!!!ha!!ha!!!

  5. i cannot believe Pia made it through the entire song after being booted off without dropping a tear (until the song was over that is). Pia will go far in the music industry!!!!!!

  6. Karen I don’t know what you are smoking. Pia had one of the best voices. Her mistake has been that she is too conservative on the stage. But most great ballad singers are. She will make real good money because she will be grabbed by a record company before the season finale.

  7. Pia is too much a karaoke singer or cruise line performer. She does have a beautiful voice (as do all of the nine), but her range is not as strong as some of the others, and personality wise she seems too much like a supermodel rather than a singer. Marketing her would be just like Taylor and Ruben..a loss. She will make it big, but not necessarily in singing. Jacob should be singing in Broadway or in Disney, surprised Randy has not called him out on “oversinging.” Stefano has incredible range, but people just don’t know what to think of him. I don;t think he belongs in the bottom three so often. Hailey and Lauren need to go next. Also whomever is giving these “idols” fashion advice needs a lesson. Stop telling Scotty to grow his hair (like AI does to someone every season) let him go back to his buzz, let Stefano go to a barber who knows what a shapeup is, and for god sakes look at some of the girls’ teased messes!

  8. I so upset that Pia was voted off. Also, in reading some of the comments. I have been an American Idol fan for 10 years however, this year tops the poorest method of handling the show. The judges did in fact, error in keeping Casey. However, when the best vocalist is voted off there is something wrong. Also, Steve needs to be there in a manner that offers judgement in performance and NOT everyone is great.

  9. OK, what kind of fucking psycho gets on these comments and tells people to be mad at the government, not american idol? seriously, anyone who did that is a complete lunatic.
    that being said, who cares if pia got voted off? she wasnt going to win it anyway. james will likely do that. scotty is a douche imo. he idolizes elvis. elvis was a hack, so is scotty. so is paul at that matter. i like the show, but it just pisses me off that no talent people like him stay on because they have a good smile.

  10. Idol lost all credibility. BUT, if the stinking judges (if you can call them that) would stop saying the same thing…. “your so good …etc” to every contestant…………!!
    I BLAME THE JUDGES. we need simon!!!

  11. The show was bad also with that disgusting Iggy Pop. If that is what people are to compare idols with, then they surely have such low standards that I would not want to be compared. The judges are much better this year and I have been enjoying the show until last night 4/7/11. Yes, Pia will get her due in other places. They have groomed the contestants well after doing a great job in choosing them. Let’s hope they have a better singer next week to fill in or I will not be watching much longer. A Home Judge.

  12. today’s show may 11,2011 really showed The black judge jackson showing ALL of his teeth so people could really find him making a fool out of himself as usuall. after almost every singer finished and he had to give his thoughts which were almost always negative especially towards the males. He always has to ask Steven ” ain’t that right Steven”…always having to ask Steven or someone else to agree with him ….he is certainly not sure of his own opinion, so he needs someone else to agree with him. Someone needs to tell him he is no longer in mississippi and that it’s ok to use his own tongue to speak with now he’s up north now. Twice so far Steven disagreed with him and the look that came over jacksons face was really one to write home about. He Really tries to be sooooooo much like like his old boss Simon Cowell, but , it just ain’t gonna happenSimon has surpassed him 100 fold.

  13. JACOB will be the winner!!!!
    Folks, you have got to VOTE in order for the contestant you like to stay in the competition…..If all the people who have complained about her getting kicked off would have VOTED, she would probably still be their.

  14. Well… She was one of the ones I liked for certain. I was so surprised she got voted off. Actually, I didn’t vote for her that night because I thought that she wasn’t in any risk at all… If only America had one save.

    Haha betcha Ron Brown was just another guy whose audition was turned down by Randy. Wrong place to vent, as American Idol is about judging the contestants, not the judges.

  15. Iamgumby, you need to get the gum out of your ears if you think Pia didn’t have much of a range compared to the others???? You don’t have a clue! She not only had the biggest range, she had superior control and beautiful tone quality in both her high and low notes! She excelled in sustaining her phrasing to perfection! She was NEVER PITCHY, ALWAYS FOCUSED, A SUPERIOR VOCALIST INDEED! AND A LADY that, as described by Steve Tyler, had millions of guys in millions of bars drooling over her!. With a voice like hers, she doesn’t need to hoop and holler and jump thru fire…..TO MAKE UP FOR HER WEAK NOTES! Because she doesn’t have any! Just pure and undefiled vocals…..she can stand in place, sit perfectly still and DELIVER! a true musician, an experienced TRAINED SINGER would NEVER call her boring! They’d acknowledge the Supernatual gift she’d been given and feel honored to have been in her presence! It’s become more and more obvious that American Idol is not as much of a singing competition as it is a competition for singers who also entertain and DEFINITELY BASED ON POPULARITY MORE THAN SINGING. I UNDERSTAND where they’re coming from and if that’s what they want that’s what they’ll get.. they should just redefine the TRUE REALITY of the show’s purpose, that’s all. There are definitely many talented contestants this year. I think Casey Abrams is uniquely gifted. He’ll go far (already has in many cities!) no matter where he ends up in AI.

  16. American Idol has reached its pinnacle, and should be cancelled! They go through more judges than one uses kleenex in a day. Lopez and Tyler are nice enough, but are way too easy in their judging. James SUCKS (TOO ARROGANT with too many ticks), and Casey is way to ugly and has no talent that I can hear! What is wrong with this show-Pia should have been the frontrunner and she will get a contract way before the other losers on the show. Whoever wins may feel they are on top of the world, but many times it does not work out. Look at last year-Adam Lambert should have been the winner, and is so much more likeable and has much more success than Chris (can’t even remember his last name)-that is what I mean!! I have decided not to watch the show next year because the judges are pathetic, the contestants lousy, and public voting is skewed!! Put something more entertaining in this time slot.

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