American Idol February 18, 2015 Showcase Round Part 1

American Idol has come up with a new round – the Showcase Round, which will air its part 1 tonight, at 8pm ET on Fox.

The Showcase Round, which is held at the Sunset Strip’s House of Blues, will have the top 48 contestants singing live for the first time.

These top 48 singers who survived the Hollywood Round will be trying to impress the judges to move on to the live shows beginning next week.

Find out who will make the cut on Thursday night as results are revealed for the top 24 contestants.

Who are you looking forward to see perform tonight?

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1. Michael Simeon – “Classic”

2. Loren Lott – “My Heart Will Go On”

3. Adam Ezegelian – “Here I Go Again”

4. Lovey James – “Wings”

5. Adanna Duru – “It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World”

6. Maddie Walker

7. Clark Beckham – “Georgia On My Mind”

8. Daniel Seavey – “Straight Up”

9. Tyanna Jones – “Love On Top”

10. Rayvon Owen – “Lay Me Down”

11. Shannon Berthiaume – “Piece of My Heart”

12. Jax – “You and I”



1. Cody Fry

2. Hector Montenegro

3. J. None

4. Reno Anoa’i

5. Zack Kaltenbach

6. Hannah Mrozak

7. Rachael Hallack


** Maddie Walker was initially out but judges decided to bring Maddie back to have a sing-off with Rachel for the spot. Judges told Maddie it was Rachael’s spot in the top 24 but they got doubts so they had a sing-off. Maddie sang Red High Heels” while Rachael sang “Son of a Preacher Man”. After this, Maddie got through and Rachael was out.



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