American Idol February 29, 2012 Top 12 Girls Perform 2/29/12 Call Numbers

It’s the girls’ chance to perform live on American Idol February 29, 2012 episode. The top 12 girls will be performing live for the first time to get America’s vote. Are you more excited for tonight’s show than last night, in which the guys performed? Who are you looking forward to sing in the semifinals tonight?

The wildcard pick for the guys was announced last night. The guy who got included to sing for America’s vote was Jermaine Jones. Will there be a 13th female semifinalist as well? Spoilers say it will be Schyler Dixon, if ever there is. If she makes it tonight, will you vote for her?

So far, most of what The Idol Pad has reported is accurate. But let’s find out if there really will be a top 13th.

Anyway, what are your predictions so far this season? Who’s going to make it? Will the girls be better than the guys last night?

Again, we’ll be posting updates on the show. We’ll post the contestants’ song choices and the American Idol 2/29/12 call and text numbers to vote.

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Chelsea Sorell – 1-866-436-5701 or Text “VOTE” to 5701 – “Cowboy Casanova” by Carrie Underwood

Erika Van Pelt – 1-866-436-5702 or Text “VOTE” to 5702 – “What About Love” by Heart

Jen Hirsh – 1-866-436-5703 or Text “VOTE” to 5703 – “One and Only” by Adele

Brielle Von Hugel – 1-866-436-5704 or Text “VOTE” to 5704 – “Sitting on the Dock of The Bay” by Otis Redding

Hallie Day – 1-866-436-5705 or Text “VOTE” to 5705 – “Feeling Good” by Nina Simon

Skylar Laine – 1-866-436-5706 or Text “VOTE” to 5706 – “Stay With Me” by Faces

Baylie Brown – 1-866-436-5707 or Text “VOTE” to 5707 – “Amaze” by Lonestar

Hollie Cavanaugh – 1-866-436-5708 or Text “VOTE” to 5708 – “Reflection” by Christina Aguilera

Haley Johnson – 1-866-436-5709 or Text “VOTE” to 5709 – “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” by Eurythmics

Shannon Magrane – 1-866-436-5710 or Text “VOTE” to 5710 – “Go Light Your World” by Kathy Troccoli

Jessica Sanchez – 1-866-436-5711 or Text “VOTE” to 5711 – “Love You I Do” by Jennifer Hudson

Elise Testone – 1-866-436-5712 or Text “VOTE” to 5712 – “One and Only” by Adele


7 thoughts on “American Idol February 29, 2012 Top 12 Girls Perform 2/29/12 Call Numbers

  1. Not one Black female competing?

    This doesn’t reflect the talent in America. Randy Jackson should know better not representing his own.

    • X-Factor & The Voice…. American Idol will never change. Look at Dancing with the Stars, the pro dancer are all white.

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