American Idol March 10, 2011 Results Who got voted off 3/10/11

American Idol March 10, 2011 is the results show where one among the top 13 finalists will be kicked off. Who will get the lowest votes tonight? Will you favorite contestant be able to make it through next week? American Idol 3/10/11 results will be here.

There were those who stood out last night at the performance show and they are the guys as well as Pia Toscano, James Durbin and Jacob Lusk. Who will be safe and will be in the bottom three?

Meanwhile, Adam Lambert will be performing tonight an acoustic version of “Aftermath”. Other performers are Diddy-Dirty Money with Skylar Grey and David Cook.

An exciting night to know who will be leaving tonight. Anyway, we’ll give updates on who got voted off American Idol March 10, 2011 results here as always.

Updates: Ashton Jones was voted off.

Bottom Three

– Karen Rodriguez – safe

– Ashton Jones

– Haley Reinhart


– Jacob Lusk

– Stefano Langone

– Lauren Alania

– Casey Abrams

– Paul McDonald

– Pia Toscano

– Other contestants

12 thoughts on “American Idol March 10, 2011 Results Who got voted off 3/10/11

  1. I wish and hope a guy wins not some stupid slutty drama Queen whore like pia and the rest of the girls except for 1. Its going to be interesting to see who gets kicked off tonight. I hope a drama queen gets killed off tonight.

  2. Olivia, why do you think Pia is a drama queen? Because she it prettier and sings better than you??? She has done NOTHING to be called a drama queen, but please keep watching, I wish I could see ur face at the end when she wins. Her voice and talent are undeniable – Hater

  3. I hope the dumb wannabe MJ goes home! Im talking about the stupid flip that thinks she’s got some sort of connection with MJ!
    She needs to go home and keep singing on her magic mic!
    stupid bitch!

  4. I want Thia Megia to be one of the top 5. If you want voice quality, Thia definitely has it. The rest are just belting it out with screams and grunts, but Thia’s Voice is natural and angelic. The people should know the difference between natural talent and melodrama.

  5. it’s not thia’s fault if she was compared to MJ. not once did she ever say she’s like MJ. she idolizes MJ like many of us and she sang an MJ song doesn’t make her an MJ-wannabe. go throw your venomous, flagrant words at the numerous MJ impersonators in Vegas, they’re closer to being called the “MJ-wannabes” than this girl.

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