American Idol March 13, 2014 Results Who got voted off 3/13/14

The American Idol 2014 top 11 results will be revealed tonight. Note that the air time for tonight’s result show is 9pm ET because of Hell’s Kitchen. Who will be in the bottom three and who’s gong home?

This weeks top 11 are Sam Woolf, Malaya Watson, CJ Harris, Caleb Johnson, MK Nobilette, Alex Preston, Jena Irene, Ben Briley, Dexter Roberts, Jessica Meuse and Majesty Rose. They performed songs from the movies.

A new song “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen was performed last night by Majesty Rose though it wasn’t that good. Maybe she could have picked another song?

Anyway, my favorites from last night are C.J. Harris’s “Can’t You See”, Caleb Johnson’s “Skyfall” and Jena Irene’s “Decode”. I’m hoping these three are safe tonight. There’s a big chance for Caleb and C.J., but I’m not sure with Jena though since she was in the bottom three last week.

MK Nobilette was also in the bottom three last week. Could she be the one to go home? Any predictions?

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Update: Ben Briley got voted off!


1. Caleb Johnson

2. CJ Harris

3. Dexter Roberts

4. Malaya Watson

5. MK Nobilette

6. Jessica Meuse

7. Alex Preston

8. Jena Irene

9. Sam Woolf

10. Majesty Rose



1. Ben Briley – eliminated!

2. Majesty Rose

3. Sam Woolf

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