American Idol March 14, 2013 Results Who got voted off 3/14/13

It’s American Idol 2013 top 10 results show tonight! One of the top 10 finalists will be sent home. Thus, it could be down to five boys and four girls or it could be the other way around. Who do you think will not make to next week’s show?

The theme last night was songs from previous American Idols. I think some of the contestants did a good choice and that includes Kree Harrison, who sang “Crying” that was performed by Carrie Underwood. Candice Glover chose a good song too. She sang “I, Who Have Nothing” which was performed by Jordin Sparks. Other just did ok with their song choices but some, I think, should have chosen another song. Those who I think should have another song choice are Lazaro Orbos and Devin Velez. I think one of these two will be going home though one is not necessarily in the bottom two.

The contestants in the bottom two could be a guy and a girl but I’m not sure which among the girls could be in the bottom two. What are your predictions? Do you think the first contestant to go home is a guy? I think the girls did pretty well than the guys so most likely it’s a guy to go home tonight. What do you think? Who were your favorites last night?

Anyway, live updates will be provided here. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook while waiting for it. The Idol hopeful who got voted off American Idol’s March 14, 2013 results will be posted.

Update: Curtis Finch Jr. gets voted off!

26 million votes were cast last night.

The top three contestants who got the highest votes are revealed. They are…


1. Candice Glover

2. Kree Harrison

3. Angie Miller



1. Charlie Askew

2. Aubrey Cleland



1. Paul Jolley

2. Devin Velez

3. Curtis Finch



1. Candice Glover

2. Kree Harrison

3. Angie Miller

4. Lazaro Arbos

5. Amber Holcomb

6. Janelle Arthur

7. Burnell Taylor (!!)

8. Paul Jolley

9. Devin Velez

9 thoughts on “American Idol March 14, 2013 Results Who got voted off 3/14/13

  1. seriously american idol you are a complete joke off curtis finch jr was a mistake.. although i love lazros story he should have got voted off.. your ratings will go down further.. seriously america..

  2. Yaaaay!!! Oh, Lazaro, I love you so much. You shall be my future husband, my darling, my love. You sing by glorious voice, I sing through lucid sonnet. One day, we will make music, magic, masterpiece together. :D. Hurray!!!! You have my heart already, for just hearing your story, your voice, you have inspired it to beat again. :).

  3. oh my god, for once in my life america voted exactly as i wanted. i love you people! my bottom were devin, burnell, lazaro and curtis. and my top were kree, angie and candice.

    • I hope the voting continues to be fair like that too; if Kree, Angie or Candice doesn’t make it to the finals I’ll be so mad. I work at DISH on Wednesday and Thursday nights, which is a good thing. I don’t mind working late though because it makes missing the live performances worth it when I can skip the commercials later with my DISH Hopper DVR. There’s no better way to watch TV when it saves me enough time to watch another show that night and get more enjoyment out of my entertainment.

  4. Oh well what do you expect in America. Next to go will be Candice Glover, thats when i will stop watching. I expect this from American voters . they vote by color not talent.

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