American Idol March 15, 2012 Results Who got voted off 3/15/12

American Idol top 11 results show airs tonight, March 15, 2012. Do you think they did well last night or you got bored watching them? What do you think of Jermaine’s disqualification? Will someone be going home tonight? Who will be eliminated? The American Idol top 11 results will be provided.

The theme was for the contestants to sing songs from the year they were born. Thus, it’s songs from 1983 until 1995 and the contestants performed songs by Richard Marx, Lionel Richie, Dione Warwick, Bryan Adams, Percy Sledge, Vicki Sue Robinson, Otis Redding, Al Green, Mariah Carey, Bonnie Raitt and Jennifer Rush. There were many songs to choose from but we think some songs are overused, over-sang or whatever the right term is.

Anyway, the stand outs last night are Phillip Phillips, Elise Testone, Colton Dixon, Hollie Cavanagh and Skylar Laine. How about you? Who were your favorites last night?

From the top 11, we think those who could be in the bottom three are Shannon Magraine, Heejun Han and Joshua Ledet Jeremy Rosado. Then, the one who might be going home is Shannon. What about you? Any predictions on who are in the bottom three and the one who will be leaving? Will the producers decide to keep the top 11 contestants safe for another week since Jermaine’s already out of the competition now?

Tonight’s performers are Daughtry, Demi Lovato and Lana Del Rey. Daughtry will sing “Outta My Head”, Demi Lovato will sing “Give Your Heart a Break” and Lana Del Rey will sing “Blue Jeans”.

As always, live updates of the results during the show will be here and while waiting for it, you can follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook. Find out the next finalist who got voted off American Idol March 15, 2012. Results for tonight will be posted.

Update: Shannon Magraine was eliminated!

Tommy Hilfiger is the new “image adviser” of the contestants beginning next week.

The judges can save anyone until the top 5.


Those who are safe are:

– Joshua Ledet

– Phillip Phillips

– Skylar Laine

– Colton Dixon

– Jessica Sanchez

– Deandre Brackensick

– Hollie Cavanagh

– Heejun Han

– Elise Testone

– Erika Van Pelt


Bottom three:

– Elise Testone

– Shannon Magraine

– Erika Van Pelt


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  1. I can”t belive that Shannon got kicked off I didn”t get to watch March 15th 2012 because we weren’t home !!!!!!!!!!!! Shannon was my fave 🙁

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