American Idol March 20, 2014 Results Who got voted off 3/20/14

It’s another results show tonight on American Idol 2014! One of the top 10 will be leaving after tonight’s show. Who do you think will it be?

Tonight’s show is still one hour long, by the way, airing from 9pm ET. Next week, the results show will only be half-hour long.

Also, the guest performer is none other than Jennifer Lopez. She’ll be singing “I Luv Ya Papi” in between the announcements of the results.

For the theme last night, the contestants sang a song from the year 2010. My favorites were Malaya Watsons who performed “When I Was Your Man”, Caleb Johnson who sang “Edge of Glory” and Alex Preston, who sang “Story of My Life”.

How about you? Who do you think will be sent home?

Last week, Majesty Rose and Sam Woolf got eliminated. Will they be in the bottom three again?

Anyway, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook. The next player who gets voted off American Idol’s March 20, 2014 results show will be posted.

Update: MK Nobilette got eliminated! 

Sorry my internet connection acted up!


1. Jessica Meuse

2. Malaya Watson

3. Alex Preston

4. Caleb Johnson

5. CJ Harris

6. Jena Irene

7. Sam Woolf

8. Majesty Rose

9. Dexter Roberts




1. Dexter Roberts

2. MK Nobilette

3. Majesty Rose

9 thoughts on “American Idol March 20, 2014 Results Who got voted off 3/20/14

  1. Totally sucks that they kicked MK off American Idol. How could you not use your save on her? She was awesome. Definitely made the wrong decision not to save her. Well guess tonight is the night alot of people quit watching American Idol. I know it’s the last night for me.

  2. its about time they booted MK off. She sucked. and the only reason she made it this far is because she was a lesbo. Her grain song sucked ass and she messed up one of the greatest song ever. She shouldnt have past the judges last vote!

  3. This is for Rob and all others like him.
    ” Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.
    Martin Luther King, Jr.
    “It is only out of ignorance that people are cruel, because they really don’t think it will come back.” – Maya Angelou
    Stupidity is a force unto itself.

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