American Idol March 22, 2012 Results Who got voted off 3/22/12

One of the top 10 contestants on American Idol season 11 will be going home tonight, March 22, 2012. Who do you think will follow Shannon Magrane’s footsteps? Will it be another lady? Or it will be another guy? Who did you vote for to remain in the competition? Who gets eliminated on American Idol top 10 results?

The contestants performed songs by Billy Joel last night. While some were just okay, we could say that it was better than last week. They sang songs like “My Life”, “Everybody Has A Dream”, “Vienna”, “She’s Got A Way”, “Piano Man” and ย “Shameless”. Do you think they did justice to Joel’s songs?

Our favorites from last night were Phillip Phillips, who did one of the best renditions of the song, Jessica Sanchez who did better this week than last week, Colton Dixon, who played the piano once again. Meanwhile, Heejun Han doesn’t have the voice to win the competition, but has the antics to make fun while performing. How long will he last? Who were your favorites performers last night?

By the way, we think Tommy Hilfiger didn’t really help the contestants. Most of them didn’t even followed his advice. They ignored his fashion suggestions.

Anyway, we think the bottom three are Elise Testone, Erika Van Pelt and Heejun Han. How about you? What’s your prediction? Will the save be used tonight?

Haley Rainhart will be back on Idol tonight to perform. Are you excited to see her perform?

We’ll be providing live updates during the show. In the meantime, you canย follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us onย Facebook. The top 9 remaining contestants will be posted. Of course, the contestant who got voted off American Idol March 22, 2012 results will be here as well.

Update: Erika Van Pelt gets voted off! The judges didn’t save her. Any opinions?

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Ryan Seacrest announces Lana Del Rey is here tonight. Haley Reinhart will perform as well…

The top 10 performs a capella of “The Longest Time”


Those who are safe are:

– Hollie Cavanagh

– Skylar Laine

– Elise Testone

– Jessica Sanchez

– Joshua Ledet

– Colton Dixon

– Phillip Phillips

– Deandre Brackensick

– Heejun Han


Bottom three:

– Deandre Brackensick

– Erika Van Pelt

– Heejun Han



24 thoughts on “American Idol March 22, 2012 Results Who got voted off 3/22/12

  1. my top 4 elise, philip, colton and jessica.
    bottom for me heejun, although i love his antics, deandre and erika.
    i really hope deandre goes.

  2. I love, love, love Colton- he is my favorite of everyone. i also love deandre he is super cute and his voice is so good. Phil is good too he always knows how to change up the song. i dont really have a favorite girl but if i had to say i would say jessica and hollie. There interesting to watch. this is a tough season.

    and for the people i dont like: Heejun is annoying and i personally don’t think hes “funny” but hes not on the top of my list to leave.
    i hate HATE HATE elise. shes a B***h and just likes the camera attention- she needs to go now! she has a good voice but if she lost the attidute she would be good.
    I liked skyler at first but her voice is beggining to suck!

    The girls this year aren’t that impressive, except 2 of them.

    soo my bottom 3 is:

  3. I’m on the west coast, so have to wait a while before I can see the show – that’s why I come here! My bottom three: DeAndre, Heejun and Skylar, I guess. Heejun can go. He can’t sing his way out of a paper bag. Or DeAndre. One this week, one next week. Doesn’t matter which order.

  4. Interesting, Erika changes her look drastically and gets voted off anyway. I wonder – Did Tommy Hilfiger put the hex on her?

  5. first they butchered her hair-liked her own style- not much of a surprise no one else paid any attention to Hilfinger, then after she nailed the song they keep Heejun with his rotten voice-how the hell did he make it this far with no talent?-and other lesser talents. I am just disgusted with Idol. There are a few obvious talents this season but there are some glaring fails that shouldn’t have made it to the finals. Fixed, foolish and embarassing, won’t lower myself to watch it again

  6. Erika was one of my favorites. Every year just shows how stupid America is. You can tell it’s people under 25 that are submitting most of the votes. Ridiculous.

  7. It has been awhile since a female won. Unfortunately I don’t think there is a chance of that season. Phillip has been my favorite since I heard him sing “Thriller”‘ and Colton is interesting, cute, and pretty good. Jessica can really sing but I don really like the style she sings. She lacks a style, in a way. I think she would have been better had she waited a couple years to mature. I love Elise’s voice, but I don think people like her enough for her to have a real chance. Not a fan of Skyler’s, country thing aside.

  8. I dont know who is voting, but how in the heck could heejun still be on there. If he is funny then i dont know what funny is, and I cant even understand him…So he’s doing it for the kids back home. Well all these singers are doing it for someone, what makes his more important….All I could say is what a shame, you could see the look on the judges faces when Erika was the one who got voted off. No wonder so many people I know stopped watching this. It’s great that you give us a vote, but you are the judges, there is know way Heejun is a better singer than Erika.. Very disturbing. In the long run, she will go alot further than him… YILK…

  9. Heejun sould have been gone! Love him but REALLY! Erika has some chops on her now might not have won but could have gone further!!! Rootin for the little country girl myself Skylar or Colton. But we all know it’s fixed ๐Ÿ™‚ so just sit back and enjoy the ride!!!

  10. Colton and Jessica are in my top 2. Then there’s Heejun, 3rd. Idol needs someone like him, though he doesn’t have the best voice.
    Worst people there are Elise, who sounds like a pitbull having a seizure, Deandre, who sounds like a dolphin with pneumonia, and Phillip, who sounds like a gay midget redneck. I cannot stretch how much I hate their voices.
    Worst idea ever to give anyone the fashion segment with all the outfits and crap. NO ONE CARES ABOUT IT, they put gay guys on camera picking what they THINK you might like to wear on stage. WHO GIVES A CRAP.
    Idol was better with Simon.

  11. I’m on the West Coast, too. I’m cool with tonight’s results, but what’s with the Elise haters? She’s a great singer!! I think way better than Jessica. More control and a natural vocalist. I think that next week DeAndre should go. He’s just…ick.

  12. My top are Jessica, DeAndre, Hollie, Joshua, colton, phillip. But But the winner will be between girls jess hollie men colton and joshua

  13. Top 3 in the finals: (with real singing voices)
    Jessica, Joshua, Deandre
    Bottom 3 in any given week:
    Skylar, Elise, Heejun

  14. The one with the real signging abilities to me is Jessica, I
    must say that this young lady has been at the top since
    day one. The rest of the gang I have no need for them.

  15. De’Andre Jessica and Joshua Will be the final 3

    De’Andre has an amazing voice (his voice reminds me of Maxwells voice I love it) ๐Ÿ™‚
    Jessica she has some pipes on her ๐Ÿ™‚
    Joshua omg he gives me chills with his voice ๐Ÿ™‚

    I like colton too

    But we’ll have to see how it goes so keep watching america ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. i know the show was last week but i came back on here to see what people had to day and i can not believe it.. im going to go through every person and you guys can reply back to my comments. i would like to know what you all think. i am going to put my TOP 5 down next to everyones name..

    Colton- hes one of the best i think he will be there for the TOP 5

    Joshua- is good but hes very churchy and that doesn’t appeal to everyones taste in music-

    Deandre- he will stay for his looks, but i think he is also very good even though he has a very high voice

    Elise- She has a good voice but her attitude sucks, she would be more liked if she was a b*t*h

    Hollie- young and good, she has good weeks and bad but everyone has those days- i hope she stays- TOP 5

    Jessica- 100% amazing, pretty, young, and it just comes out like she doesnt have to try i love her so much

    Heejun- NEEDS TO GO. his voice is yuck and hes getting very annoying now. hes not funny guys!

    Phil- He knows how to change up the songs and thats important and he has a good voice- TOP 5

    Skyler- her voice is awful, shes so tangy and he notes are always off pitch- its ridiculous.

    So my top five is… (NO ORDER)

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