American Idol March 24, 2011 Results Who got voted off 3/24/11

American Idol March 24, 2011 results show will determine who the top 10 contestants are. This week was better than last week as the contestants performed better with Motown hits. But at the end, one has to go. Who was kicked off American Idol 3/24/11 results?

Karen Rodriguez wasn’t saved by the judges last week. Will someone be saved tonight? If ever there will be, only one can be saved the entire season and two will be eliminated next week.

Who will be getting the least number of votes tonight? Btw, the guests for tonight are Jennifer Hudson and Sugarland with live performances.

Will three of the ladies be at the bottom three again? Or will one of the boys be included? Find out the updates here. Who got voted off American Idol March 24, 2011 results? It will be here, as always.

Update: Casey Abrams got the lowest votes but the judges decided to save him. Thus no one was voted off!


Lauren Alana

Pia Toscano

Scott McCreery

Paul McDonald

James Durbin

Naima Adepapo

Jacob Lusk

Haley Reinhart


Thia Megia – SAFE

Stefano Langone – SAFE

Casey Abrams

37 thoughts on “American Idol March 24, 2011 Results Who got voted off 3/24/11

  1. Its sooo stuipid that casey didnt get voted off. I mean I like him and everything but America didn’t want him, but just because he’s a faveorite of the juges he gets an exeptsion. Oh yeah thats fare. And to people who try out for AMERICAN Idol be sure to be an AMERICAN NOT A MEXICAN or any other race, I don’t care if a offend you its AMERICAN IDOL not maxican idol or Asain Idol so get a grip !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow…your comment is not only offensive bit ignorant as well, Dolly. I mean, yeah, no Americans could be any other race than white or speak any language other than English and English only. People like you are what is wrong with our country. The beautiful thing about America is that we have so many different cultures here. Please get a grip. And yes, I am white.

  3. The biggest problem with voting on American Idol is that mostly the younger generation will actually vote because of the technical way it’s done. Maybe there should be voting on line (e-mail or web-site), or simply a phone number to call with the singer’s number. It’s hard to see how Casey could be voted off with all the talent he has. I’m 65. Look at Susan Boyle. She actually came in second to a group that we don’t even remember now.

  4. Dolly…I would assume most people would know this, but ‘American’ is not a race. You are American if you come from America which incorporates all races. My 2 year old knows this. You are an idiot.

  5. as I recall Stephano and Naomi are both saves, neither which are white, get a grip already!…oh and there is online voting, that’s how I vote

  6. So happy for the “save”…Casey is multi-talented and I look forward to hearing more songs from him. Yes…the voting system can and will eliminate the best, as well as, your favorites….so by all means…vote.
    As for Dolly…no comment

  7. I really don’t care how great the judges think you are. When the votes are talled, and you come in last; well SO LONG.
    Don’t the judges think that maybe the TV viewers just don’t like the way they sing, and that is why they did not get the votes. There should be no SAVES…… Period. I am older then most listeners, and I like a clear voice with no warbles (you know what I mean) like Thia Megia and Scotty McCreery. All the rest of them think screaming is the only way to sing. The louder they scream, the better the judges think they are.

  8. The talent you have in singing has nothing to do with your race. The judges are not juding the singers on their race but on their ability to sing period, they don’t give a damn about what color you are!

  9. The Judges want to see the contestants who have total control of their voice. they want to see somebody who can end up cutting a record deal! They dont care if your purple!

  10. Ur all idiots. Casey is great. Noone votes right anyway. Its always about whose popular n who isn’t. Noone votes whoto keep because they r just good talent and perform well. Who cares what race the person is. If there good..there good. Get a grip people.

  11. Dolly,

    You should be ashamed of yourself. You are a very stupid

  12. Casey is one of the top five in talent, he isn’t afraid to take chances and can actually sing. 4 of the 5 remaining females are the ones that should be voted off first along with the alfred e neuman look alike.

    Unfortunately with the voting system it is a popularity contest not a talent contest. The two blondes should of been eliminated weeks back but I guess America like the phony smiles.

  13. The problem is that you have to wait two hours after the first performer sings to start voting. The first performer almost always is at risk! They need to open the phone lines during the show. And yes, Dolly is an idiot!

  14. Dolly… shame on you!

    Also, American votes based on popularity… not talent. Maybe some base it on talent, but I would bet the majority are popularity votes!

  15. It was heartwarming to see the reaction Casey had to being saved…I have always been an admirer of his, just because he’s different. He doesn’t try to be anyone but himself. THAT is what music needs today…people who are unique. I felt Karen was always trying to be JLo, and we already have one of those….

    And its unfortunate that the first comment in this thread is held by Dolly, who needs to be reminded that in her way of thinking, the only ones who should try out for Idol would be North American Natives, since they were here first…though I’m sure that thought never occured to her (duh!). Everyone else, have a great day!

  16. What I don’t understand is, why has NAIMA or however the hell you spell her name, still on the show? She’s a god awful singer and needs to quit with her african dances.. Casey, Stefano, AND Haley are 10 times a better singer than she will EVER be!

  17. I love american idol and the attitude about casey was wonderful and fair by the judges. I think they really are judging with respect like brandy jackson said, we know your talented please that attitude can proves how professional they are even if he can’t effort the first place he has goals to keep close to that….I love all you guys winning or not life always will be competition…. god bless all us and america….

  18. LOL @ “not Maxican Idol”… WTF??

    LOL @ “American is not a race”…”my two year old knows this” (so do my 2 year old twins! this was a great comment!)

    LOL @ “fake blonde smiles”

    LOL @ “not warble voices like Thia and Scotty”… Uhhh…

    LMAO @ Dolly’s spelling and grammar

    still LOLing @ “not Maxican Idol”… seriously, WTF?

    Finally, according to most (some?) (many?) Biologists… there is only one race: Homo sapiens. It should be called Homo sapien Idol. It’s catchy…

  19. I almost forgot…

    LOL @ “Karen trying to be JLO, we already have one of those”… ya think??? 🙂

    I’m hoping the girl that sounds like Betty Boop half the time and a growling tiger in heat the other half of the time gets the boot fairly soon, if not next! I’m pretty tired of her shocked face when the judges tell her she didn’t do so hot. I just wanted to toss my two cents in.

  20. Just a comment about Dolly Ann. I am not so sure that she realize what she said. Another her words were misleading. I think she might have been referring to the way Karen Rodriguez commented sever times on the show that she wanted to be the first Latino to win on American Idol. Which tells me that Karen does not think of herself as an American but only a Latino. May be that is what Dolly Ann ment to express. Yes it does not matter what race you are for we are all Americans. A melting pot of many different races. As you all know that is what makes up America.
    So may be Dolly Ann did not express herself properly.
    Wha ya think.

  21. I want to be the first Austrian/German to win American Idol. I think my great grandfolks were from that part of Europe…

  22. it’s hard to pick just one from the bunch. if there was a country idol, rock idol, rap idol, etc, it’d be so much easier. they all have great voices just different styles. hard to choose. and it’s also sad because some of them sing better than people who are already singers.

    and no I’m pretty sure dolly meant what he said. people like that need to learn how to put themselves in others shoes. we are all people
    in gods eyes. it hurts to see how many people out there still think like this after all this countries been through to make everyone equal like it should be.

    anyways, I’ll get off my soap box:)
    can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  23. Dolly, you’re a freaking idiot. American is not a race, I’ve known that since I was like 3. You’re probably a 10 year old little girl with nothing better to do than criticize other people. Hop off the internet and learn how to spell.

  24. To Stephen ( #26 above)
    Stephen you must be extremely jealous or envious of naima’s dancing or race. Please remember, the contest is in Los Angeles….NOT Mississippi!!

  25. Well, today is 30 March 2011 and another episode of Idol has come and gone. Remember, this is just my view and I know that from reading the reviews prior to this one that most people like the voices of the singers that I can’t stand.
    One is “Paul McDonald”. Really, this guy has to go….NOW! Another that needs to go is “Naima Adedapo”. She can hold Paul’s hand on the way out the door. Remember from comment #13 I said I was older than most of you, and that is why I love the sound of Thia Megia. A great voice I could listen to on the radio, or watch live on TV, and 1000 times better then Pia Toscano; but Randy said Thia was pitchy and played safe. Well so was Pia’s, song, but Randy loved it…. Personally, I don’t think Randy likes Thia’s nationality. He has given her negative comments every time….. He has listened to Rap and Screamers for so long he does not know a good voice when he hears it. I sure miss Simon…..

  26. Reading all these comments has been a real hoot! Amazing how this show brings out the very worst in “AMERICANS”!!! Good Lord, it’s just a reality show on tv…..GET A GRIP PEOPLE!!!

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