American Idol March 29, 2012 Results Who got voted off 3/29/12

It’s another American Idol season 11 results show and tonight, March 29, 2012, one of the contestants will be saying goodbye. Will it be the end of the road for one of the girls, or it’s one of the guys? It sure is going to be another exciting and stressful night for the finalists. Who among the remaining singers will get eliminated on American Idol top 9 results?

The singers did two performances last night, their solos and their trios. For their solos, they picked songs by their personal Idols including Lifehouse, Miranda Lambert, Donny Hathaway, Carrie Underwood, Eric Benet, Beyonce, Jonny Lang, Mariah Carey and Led Zeppelin. Some were emotional at the end of their song, particularly Joshua Ledet, who had a breakdown. Were you moved by him when he performed? Did you vote for him?

Meanwhile, our favorites from last night are Elise Testone, who made the right song choice. It was perfect for her voice and it seemed effortless when she sang Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love”. We think she was the best performer last night though we liked the performances of Colton, Jessica and Phillips as well. We were also surprised with Heejun, who was a bit serious compared to the previous weeks, but there will still some pitch issues. Overall, we think the contestants did better this week than the Billy Joel week.

Tommy Hilfiger is back last night and he let the contestants to wear whatever they wanted, but mocking Phillip about gray shirts.

Who did you vote for to stay in the competition? Our prediction of the bottom three are Heejun Han, Deandre Branckensick and Joshua Ledet/Hollie Cavanagh. Elise Testone might not be in the bottom three because of her great performance last night, but it depends on America’s vote. Did you pick up the phone for her?

The guest performers tonight are Nicki Minaj to sing “Starships” and Scotty McCreery to sing “Water Tower Town” while results are revealed in between.

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Update:Β Heejun Han gets voted off! The judges didn’t save him.

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Eric Benet comes out on stage to congratulate DeAndre!

Video showing the idols moving into the mansion…

Nicki Minaj performs “Starships” and she wants to be a guest judge! But JLo doesn’t look happy.


Those who are safe:

– Elise Testone

– Phillip Phillips

– Colton Dixon

– Joshua Ledet

– Jessica Sanchez

– Deandre Brackensick

– Skylar Laine

– Hollie Cavanagh


Bottom three:

– Hollie Cavanagh

– Heejun Han – “Song For You”

– Skylar Laine

29 thoughts on “American Idol March 29, 2012 Results Who got voted off 3/29/12

  1. As usual Jessica gave her best performance and like Randy said last week , Jessica is consistent and legit. Her Sweet Dreams rendition is way better than the original version by Beyonce, sorry i didnt like that song that much due to it’s original arrangement but when Jessica gave new rendition to it ?wow i keep on listening the said song over and over !

  2. deandre is the best signer like jennifer lopez stated he does have the voice sound like prince an his performence last night was sso great it touched my heart an soul wow it brought me back memories thank you deandre for that wonderful song

  3. Yeah, Jessica is the best!!!! I hope Heejun Han goes home this week. He so does not deserve his place in the finals. It should have been Reed or Adam, who are by far more talented than him, whose suppose to be there.

  4. how i think the elimination order will go for the top 13
    Jeremy Rosado
    Jermaine Jones
    Shannon Magrane
    Erika Van Pelt
    Heejun Han
    Skylar Lane
    Deandre Brackensick
    Elise Testone
    Hollie Cavanagh
    Colton Dixon
    Phillip Phillips
    Joshua Ledet
    JESSICA SANCHEZ WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. heejun need to go tonight- he isn’t entertaining anymore.

    Elise- really good voice, her attitude must change.

    Skylar- i dont like it, however last night she did a good job

    Deandre- one of his best weeks last night.

    Hollie- wasn’t her best but she will still be here tonight.

    Phil- is amazing! he knows how to make the song his

    Joshua-good but churchy, dont think he will be the runnerup

    Jessica- so young and so good but she has had a bad week but also VERY GOOD weeks.

    comment on my comment i like to know what you all have to say πŸ™‚

  6. Jessica will definitely win… That is, if America will be wiser enough to vote.. Don’t go for a cute face… Go for someone who is versatile, young, talented, and what like Tommy Hill just said someone who can be a music icon and a fashion icon as well. Jessicas’s a complete package… Her voice and performances in the past weeks just showed that she is far, far, sooo far better amongst other contestants.. I hope Jessica wins and I know that even all the stars in heaven is rooting for her… Go Idol!!!!

  7. Jessica… So young yet so talented… Yeah, she’s a complete package.. It’s not just her voice… The way she moves on the stage, the movement of her hands and the way she carry herself on stage is quite awesome… She can wear a $1 dress and make it look like $100,000 dress. She’s just perfect. As what I’ve said total package… MARKETABLE…

  8. I agree! Jessica is the best AI contestant this season! She has what it takes to be a star! An awesome artist and a gorgeous voice! I hope america would be wiser this time! πŸ™‚

  9. Yay!!!!! I’m doing a little happy dance now that Heejun has been voted off!!!! go JESSICA!!!!!! All the way to the finale!!!!!!!

  10. Thank God Hee Jun went home. He’s good but not good enough to be in the finals. Love Joshua Ledet. Love his rendition and most of all, Elise Testone. Jessica is good too. I really hope they’ll be on the top 3!

  11. I am sad that Heejun went home. Honestly, I believe that Colton should have went home based on his performance last night. IT WAS A HORRIBLE RENDITION OF A LIFEHOUSE SONG. Phillip would have sung that song SO much better. Heejun’s performance was better than Colton’s and Skylar’s last night. Jessica was, as always, amazing. I felt like I was watching a concert when she sang. DeAndre brought down the house with his Eric Benet song. Elise KILLED her Led Zeppelin song…absolutely amazing talent. And Joshua…he almost brought me to tears with his song. If this competition goes the way it SHOULD, then Joshua and Jessica will be the top two.

  12. Jessica? Really? The main audience is teenage girls, do you see them voting for her over Colton? No matter how great of a singer she is she will have to show us a marketable image to be able to SELL RECORDS. Sorry right now I don’t see it. Now Colton could be packaged and make hits right now.

  13. Haha! My name’s Jessica, so it seems like everyone’s saying I should win πŸ˜€ But I can’t carry a tune, so…

    Too bad Heejun went home, but I don’t think he was Idol material. He was a good singer, but after the top 13 something kind of changed. He wasn’t on top of his game anymore. Oh well, I hope he does well in his life, and I know he has a big heart since he helps special needs people. Very kind of him to do so πŸ™‚

    Go Colton! He’s such a great singer…and very nice to look at, too πŸ˜€ I really hope he wins, he has the TOTAL package.

  14. And I think the final standings should be Jessica/Colton… I would pass out if I got to see that plastered all over the internet πŸ˜›

  15. I could see Colton/Phillip(for the guys) & Jessica(for the gurlz) at the final night..i’m rooting for colton for his sincerity & talent..his looks is also an add point..:-D

  16. I like Jessica but I don’t want her to win. She has been on so many singing shows so she already has a chance. I think that Phillip will win because he is so talented and he has his own twist on anything and everything. As for DeAndre the judges might like you, but stop singing falsetto! It is just disturbing. He Jun was so good and i’m upset that he went home instead of DeAndre. I am not the biggest fan of Hollie but she does have talent. This is how I think it will go down.
    Top 13
    Jeremy Rosada
    Shannon Magraine
    Jermaine Jackson
    Erika Vanpelt
    Hejun Han
    DeAndre Harris
    Hollie Cavanagh
    Skylar Lane
    Joshua Ladet
    Jessica Sanchez- judges use save
    Colton Dixon
    Elise Testone
    Jessica Sanchez
    Phillip Phillips wins the title!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. DeanDre is the worst singer and is ugly I would never buy a cd of his and nether would my friends and family my friend stopped watching American idol because of him YUCK! Go home

  18. Next week feandre need to leave then elise then Jessica (to boring) then idk they r all soo good the two finilist will have to be Philip and skylar!

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