American Idol March 8, 2012 Results Who got voted off 3/8/12

It’s American Idol March 8, 2012 results show and one among the top 13 will be leaving tonight. However, there’s a twist in the elimination tonight. The guy and the girl who will get the least number of votes will be up for elimination. The judges will decide who will be sent home. Who do you will the bottom guy and the bottom girl? Who did you vote for? The American Idol top 13 results will be here.

It’s the battle between the guys and the girls last night as they performed songs by Whitney Houston and Stevie Wonder. Among the top 13, we think the stand outs are Joshua Ledet, Colton Dixon, Jessica Sanchez, Hollie Cavanagh and Phillip Phillips. Meanwhile, we think Shannon Magraine is in danger of going home from the girls after her performance last night. The judges ciriticized her performance, especially Randy Jackson who thought it wasn’t her great performance. From the boys, we think it could be Deandre Brackensick. What do you think?

Who will be the bottom guy? Who will be the bottom girl? Who will the judges pick? We think they will choose a guy to go home tonight. How about you?

By the way, Mary J. Blige and Lauren Alaina will be the guest performers tonight.

It sure is going to be an exciting night as we find out what will happen. Again, we’ll provide live updates during the show. While waiting for the results, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook. The contestant who got voted off American Idol March 8, 2012 results will be be here, as always.

Update: Jeremy Rosado was eliminated. Any thoughts? Expected?

Top 13 performing Stevie Wonder song…

Lauren Alaina performs “Georgia Peaches”


Those who are safe are:

– Jessica Sanchez

– Hollie Cavanagh

– Colton Dixon

– Heejun Han

– Skylar Laine

– Phillip Phillips Lomax

– Deandre Brackensick

– Erika Van Pelt

– Joshua Ledet

– Jermaine Jones

– Shannon Magraine

– Elise Testone


Bottom 3 Girls

Elise Testone

Erika Van Pelt

Shannon Magraine


Bottom 3 Guys

– Jermaine Jones

– Jeremy Rosado

Joshua Ledet

7 thoughts on “American Idol March 8, 2012 Results Who got voted off 3/8/12

  1. Hi Everyone, I can’t believe Jeremy got the boot!!! my opinion who was the worsted girl was Shannon and the worst boy was Heejun in my opinion… Thank you Cheryl Budden

  2. Heejun has no personality. He won’t last past week three. Shannon is too young who is too nervous to make it through.

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