American Idol May 1, 2014 Results Who got voted off 5/1/14

One of the top 5 finalists will be going home tonight on American Idol 2014! Who among the finalists won’t make it to next week’s live shows?

Last night, the contestants performed songs chosen by America, and each performed two solo songs, plus one group performance.

I’d say the song choices are good. “Summertime Sadness” was perfect for Jessica, better than her first song though, but the best song choice for me was Alex Preston’s “Say Something”. I hope these two are safe though we really can’t say.

Meanwhile, Alex Preston and Sam Woolf got a visit from their celebrity crushes! Zooey Deschannel showed up for Alex while Ariana Grande surprised Sam. Why didn’t the girls get to see their crushes?

Anyway, follow this blog on Twitter, or like on Facebook for tonight’s live updates. The top 4 will be revealed and the one who got voted off American Idol’s May 1, 2014 results will be here.

UpdateSam Woolf is eliminated! Any opinions?

Ryan says there will be a game-changing news!!

The 5 finalists were asked to go on stage. They were told they have the option – either no one goes home or the one with the lowest number of votes goes. If they choose that no one goes home, two of them will go home next week.


The decision must be unanimous…

Three voted for YES, and two NO.



Sam Woolf is eliminated!


11 thoughts on “American Idol May 1, 2014 Results Who got voted off 5/1/14

  1. Sam goes home. No surprise there. Yes, he can sing, but he has no stage presence – just too shy, it seems. He should have done Ricky Nelson before he left, though.

  2. I agree with Rae. I wanted Jessica to be gone this week, not keep slipping by and not deserving to advance. Go Caleb! Take it all the way

  3. Caleb Jess and jeana belong here! it’s really about who is marketable of the three Caleb, then Jess then jeana. Caleb walks on stage as if he owns it and he does, Jess has a great style and look.

  4. I want to know the two who did not agree to keep everybody for a week more. They have no sense of camaraderie and I will never vote for these two again. I feel that any of the five is good enough to be the winner anyway. PLEASE GIVE ME THE NAMES OF THE TWO WHO VOTED “NO”!.

  5. EI wanted jessica to go home,but sam is too shy. Great voice though. I was hoping hed step it up. Jess has zero prescence. Next week imho. Alex,i love you but same problem. The two with vocals and performance are caleb and jena. I dont care for jena. Caleb is the whole package and has been from day one. This yrs idols didnt have energy. they just cant bring it except for caleb. Remember

  6. Remember when Scotty won. Everyone put on a show. And they all have careers. PP yr,the same. Realky giid performers. Last yr only Angie had performance and vocals. This yr only Caleb has it all. Jena tries but its so forced. Caleb should win. Is he marketable? I think so. Maybe jena will get morecomfortable. Actually phillip was pretty shy too. He didbt move much. He’s getting better but he’s not all personality. He does have something appealing and he’s made it. Caleb was born to perform. Same as Scotty. They are comfortable in their skin. I feel bad for sam,alex and jess. They just dint have that special something. Hope for alex,i think. Candace doesn’t have it either and her album sales show it. idk whats wrong this yr. They’re afraid to move. Except Caleb

  7. This year’s American Idol has been the biggest disappointment. As a music teacher I cannot believe
    that any of these contestants were chosen to sing.
    I can’t imagine that of all the thousands of people that
    tried out that this is the best you could find. Where were your ears. I have spoken to many people that feel
    as I do. Caleb has a little talent as a Rocker but looks
    like a complete slob. I am not even going to watch the end of the show. If this show does not improve it
    will be shortly off the air.

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