American Idol May 15, 2014 Results Who got voted off 5/15/14

Two of the top three finalists will be one step closer to being this year’s American Idol! Who do you think will be the top 2 finalists for next week’s grand finale? Find out tonight on American Idol 2014 top 3 results show!

The top three finalists – Jena Irene, Caleb Johnson and Alex Preston performed three songs last night. Their first song was Randy Jackson’s picks. Their second song was the judges’ picks and their third song was their Hometown picks.

I think last night’s performances were great! My favorites were Alex Preston’s “Stay”, Jena Irene’s “Creep” and Caleb Johnson’s “Dazed and Confused”. How about you? What are your favorite performances from last night?

I hope Jena will get through to next week’s finale though it’s ok with me if it’s Alex and Caleb.

We really don’t know what will happen until tonight!

So, follow this blog on Twitter, or like on Facebook if you haven’t done it yet for tonight’s updates on the results live. The top 2 finalists and the one who got voted off American Idol’s May 15, 2014 results will be posted. Can’t wait!

Update: Alex Preston gets eliminated!

10 minutes left before the show ends and still no results…

I thought the show tonight is only 30-minute long. Well it’s one hour long so a few more minutes before the results are revealed.

Jena Irene to sing with Paramore at the finale…

Scotty McCreery performs his new single “Feelin It”

Alex Preston to perform with Jason Mraz at the finale…

Caleb Johnson to perform with KISS at the finale…



1. Jena Irene

2. Caleb Johnson

9 thoughts on “American Idol May 15, 2014 Results Who got voted off 5/15/14

  1. I would say Alex will go home & regret that Jessica isn’t
    in the running with Caleb & Jena which would make a better race
    Nothing against Alex but he seems to sing the same thing over & over with falcetto’s interspersed here & there. Not much of a smile to spark up his performance normuch variety in his repertoire which may not hold a concert audiences’ attention or interest. ….concerts are long.

  2. Surprise, surprise– the judges got exactly the twosome they have wanted all along. If these three judges return next year, someone within the American Idol organization has got to tell them they are only there to judge the performances not jump on stage and kiss a contestant, not compare one or more contestant with the ones they (the judges) would prefer continue on, and not try to sway the votes from the American public. Jlo is the worst when she wants desperately for a certain contestant or two to continue on week after week and she makes it very obvious–THIS HAS TO STOP. American Idol has lost so much since Simon Cowell was a judge–wish he could return. He NEVER tried to convince the voting public that they should vote a certain way. I don’t care if Caleb or Jena wins–I wouldn’t buy either one’s records so I won’t be watching the finale. This year’s show just made me sick. As an aside, Randy Jackson has got to go. His time is up. He adds nothing to any show and never did.

  3. I love the judges this year. All three of them are sucessful performing entertainers and musicians who can give good constructive criticism, especially Harry Connick, Jr. I think Randy is the perfect coach after being a record producer and musician for so long himself. I am so glad Simon is gone with his hurtful arrogant comments.

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