American Idol May 17, 2012 Results Who got voted off 5/17/12

The top 2 finalists will be announced tonight and it sure is going to be exciting as we find out the results. Will it be Jessica and Joshua, Jessica and Phillip or Joshua and Phillip? Who did America vote for to be in the finale next week? Who will be eliminated tonight?

The top 3 performed three songs last night – judge’s choice, contestant’s choice and Jimmy’s choice. Joshua began the night singing “I’d Rather Go Blind” by Etta James and I thought it was going to be performed by Jessica. As usual, he was given a standing ovation by the judges. Randy, who picked the song, said the he hoped he can bring his touch to modern times. For their own pick, Joshua sang “Imagine” by John Lennon. Like his first song, they loved it, saying it was a pull back moment for him, that his performance quality made him special. No more standing O for him though even on his third song where he sang “Nor More Drama” by Mary J. Blige. Jimmy choice this song for him and the judges thought that was over the top. Did he just secure his place at the finale?

Jessica was the second performer of the night. JLo picked Maria Carey’s “My All” and her comment was it was a hard song but she did it so beautiful in her own way. Her second song was “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” by Aerosmith. What did Steven Tyler have to say about her version? He said he took a great song and made it greater. For her third song, Jimmy chose “I’ll Be There” by the Jackson Five. JLo and Steven loved it except for Randy, who liked it ok but didn’t love it. Did that just mean she’ll be the one to go?

Phillip Phillips got the pimp spot. He sang “Begging” by Mankind, chosen by Steven for him. The judges said they were like watching his concert, another incredible performance by him. For his second song, he chose “Disease” by Matchbox 20. They didn’t love it though and thought it was just ok. For his final performance, Jimmy chose “We’ve Got Tonight” by Bob Seger and the judges thought that was a perfect song at the perfect time. They also gave him a standing ovation. Does that mean he’s one of the final two?

The best round was the last one, in my opinion. How about you?

Anyway, some say it will be Joshua and Jessica at the finale while some say it’s Joshua and Phillip. If we are going to base it on who got the standing ovation from the judges and who got the better comments, it will be Jessica who will go home. But it really is up to America’s vote on who will be the final 2 and we’ll find that out soon!

What about you? Any predictions on who will be sent home tonight?

Adam Lambert and Lisa Marie Presley are the musical guests tonight while we wait for the results. Adam will perform “Never Close Our Eyes” and Lisa will perform “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”.

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Update: Joshua Ledet gets voted off! Any thoughts? Please do answer our poll on who do you think will win this season. Check it out below… thanks!

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Recaps of last night and more hometown visits…

Jessica, Joshua and Phillip perform “Got To Get You Into My Life” by the Beatles…

Josh on stage…Jimmy says it’s not Josh’s best night, but good. He’s not impressed with the Etta James song and would not give it a standing ovation. For Imagine, he thinks it’s not the right song. There wasn’t enough melody in the Mary J. Blige song either but he thinks Josh should be in the finale.

Josh got send back to the stools


Ice Age Continental Drift video…Ester Dean greets the top 4 – must have been taped last week because Hollie is still in the video…

Lisa Marie Presley performs “You Ain’t See Nothing Yet”

Season 12 auditions will be in LA, New Jersey and Chicago

Jessica on stage…Jimmy thinks “My All” is not a song she should capture the win. He thought it didn’t come together enough. Singing “Imagine” made Jessica reminds Jimmy of Michael Jackson. He says she’s good enough to sing on the Grammys but will need the songs to win.

Jessica’s back to the stools as well…


Jimmy apologized for his song choices for Joshua and Jessica…

Adam Lambert performs “Never Close Our Eyes”…

Phillip goes on stage…Jimmy thinks he did a great job on “Beggin'”, says he’s becoming more and more original. But says it was a snoozefest last night.

Joshua, Jessica and Phillip take center stage…

Almost 90 million votes last night!

Jessica Sanchez is in the FINALE!

Phillip Phillips is in the FINALE!

Joshua Ledet is ELIMINATED!


American Idol Top 2

Jessica Sanchez

Phillip Phillips



145 thoughts on “American Idol May 17, 2012 Results Who got voted off 5/17/12


    • I will be voting non stop for Phillip. Jessica dresses like a cheap hooker and is so full of herself it makes me sick! Vote for the MOST talented – Phillip Phillips – songwriter – singer (and he can play the guitar pretty darn good too)! Not to mention that he seems extremely humble and pretty darn easy on the eyes!
      Vote for Phillip!

    • tell you what if the judges did not save her, she would not be here. hint. phillip should win this not jessica.

  2. hahaha! goes to show you screaming and overacting isn’t good singing at all. ledett should have learned that from last year’s jacob lusk failure. hmm, did the judges encouraged him towards this road precisely so he can be conveniently eliminated??? philip can be charming but he sounds the same on all songs. yes, a cure for insomnia. he can be a real snoozefest. that means go, jessica!!!, go, girl!!!! make us girls proud. yeah, bay-buh!!!

  3. yay!!! GO PHILLIP!!!!!!!!!!PHILLIP is going to WIN jessica gets oo cocky and then she messes up so i hope he really screws up…hahaahaha GO GO GO GO GO GO PHILLIP

  4. You have picked the poorest singers of the whole season!!!! What a waste of my time I guess I will not return next season. You all have no taste at all.

  5. It goes to show that this stuff is rigged…it should be just by talent alone. Unfortunately “BB Chaz” doesn’t have the kind of talent that Joshua has, she is gonna go the way of Ruben…and such

  6. I hate to say this, but Philip you have been eliminated way before 2 or3 weeks before. Jessica & joshua shoild be in the finals. But of course, He is white and a boy. Jessica is not going to have an easy task. She is the best, so was Joshua. Some one is paying well for Philip

  7. I think the votes were wrong I think Phillip should have went home I like his voice but I think he could of shown more expression! Jessica I know she will win its time for a girl to win American Ulidol for all the people who don’t like jessica were showing u y she is the best

  8. jessica is the best for her age she knows how to use her talent where it counts …thats professional and I hope she wins this!!!!

  9. I was really disappointed to see Joshua lebet sent home because I really think he is a great singer and God has made him a stairwell to heaven,because he has a great vocal for a award winning performance for a album in his name,also I think he should be award for a great family behind him 100%. If he puts out a album,send me a copy. Just email me and I will give you my address. Good luck in the future of your life.

  10. philip is in the finals coz he’s white.. this shit if\s effing rigged… people don’t waste your time watching philip philipps make 1000 expressions while singing.. looks like he’s always constipated! nuff said!

  11. Skylar should have won it all. I beleive this is rigged and the wrong people with most talent voted off.

    Should have been Joshua and Skylar in the finale.

  12. jessica will win!
    phillip phillips is just an ugly boy that looks like he’s having a spasm while he sings. Jessica sings so beautifully, and deserves to win the title as THE AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 11 WINNER. and she will!! ;D

  13. Sorry Joshua, You are the best and will go places with all of your talent. Also skylar will be singing for fame shortly. You 2 should have been in the finale if you ask me. Don’t know how Phillip Phillips is even still in with his goofy acting . Good luck Joshua and Skylar

  14. jESSICA is the best singer. she deserves to win. i mean, who else can sing like that?.. for a 16 YEAR OLD. she has true talent. and you phillip fans can never see that.

  15. JESSICA SANCHEZ. she has MUUCHH MORE talent than phillip. she deserves to win the title, and she will.


  17. true. watch all you phillip fans be crushed when he loses, next week. GOO JESSICA !
    its too rigged. how always the white people win. lets change that. TEAM JESSICA ALL THE WAAY.

  18. This is for Kate, how the hell do you know how a hooker dress like? You must be the hooker! You know damn well Jessica is the best

  19. Philip is the man. The most talented. He doesn’t scream. He doesn’t warble. He is amazing. Can’t wait to buy all his albums. The other two get on my nerves.

  20. I think its a shame that Phillip Phillips is still in the competition. He has no range in his vocals and doesn’t do anything that even resembles a “WOW!” moment. Joshua is one of the best singers in the competition. My guess is that Phillip Phillips will probably win and just be a ho-hum winner. I was in James Durbin’s court last season and was totally bummed when he was voted off.

  21. As i said, Steven Tyler predicted it right. Jessica will be the last man standing. Philip always sings like constipated. All his songs sounds the same. . His range is limited. Everytime I watch him sing I can feel the pain he is experiencing just to make it sound good. I rather have Heejun or Colton. Philip shoud hve gone before Heejun. Its painful to watch him sing. I vote for Jessica 2 full hours. I sense that not only Americans voting for her. The whole world. For two hours Jessicas number is busy. Fellow americans we have to admit Jessica will win and mark my word.

  22. I absolutely agree w/ Jessica-Phillip for the least there’s a diversity..whoever wins next week is fine w/ me..I’m rooting for PP but if Jess will be crowned as a winner,I’ll be proud of her cuz am a Filipino..both are talented in their own style..anyways,I can’t wait to see Colton back on stage next week (sooo darn missed that boy..*sigh*)

  23. It’s time for a girl to win! Jessica did a great job she’s my girl and that’s who I’m rooting for. Se should win. She did an amazing job in all of her songs and from day.
    Go jessica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. go, go, go jessica for the win…. filipinos are voting for you, girl.. proud to be a Filipino and Bataeños… GOD bless you…

  25. It should be Joshua and Phillip, Jessica is just off key on alot of the songs and inconsitant. She tries to sound like everybody else and not herself

  26. Jessica should win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She did an amazing job on everyone of her songs!!!!!! Love you Jess

  27. Y is everylady but guys screaming philips, american idol is not for looks but talent, if philips wins, its goinno b soo obvious dt its a cheat, cos he cnt compare by any standard with jezz

  28. i have been voting for jessica since the very beginning. Although the others are good singers, jessica has the most raw talent than any of them. Phillip sings and all his songs sound the same. He is just getting the votes for being nice looking, and last time i checked that wasn’t a talent

  29. How the hell that Phillip is still in the finals have to do with the show being rigged because he’s white. Did you even consider that maybe people like him. What’s really rigged is how the show is set up. Why do they allow unlimited votes for two hours. They need to limit it to number of votes to one vote less than there are contestants left. Kind of like musical chairs. And quit letting the judges comment on the performance before the votes are cast. Do like they did for jimmy. Air the comments the day of the results. This is American Idol, not judges idol. The show has become too much about the judges and there time in the spotlight. And J Lo earning 20 million to judge this year and 12 million last year, that’s crazy. 

    • That’s right..and to think that it’s obvious that the judges are very fond of Joshua(giving him the most standing O in the Idol history I guess?)..then, there goes his followers complaining that the show is rigged cuz Phil made it to the Finale..c’mon..we can’t deny the charisma of a White Guy With Guitar(WGWG)..juz sayin’..haha

  30. I predicted a double J’s in the finale, well im partly right, jessica was there, and lea salonga said its jessica and philip, but she will be rooting for jessica coz shes a filipina and philippines has great singers and another one is added, am proud to be a filipino, go go jessica . . . . .

  31. Go,go, Jessica! Your the one girl, at your young age you really got the natural talent and deserves the crown. God bless you always!

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