American Idol May 19, 2011 Results Who got voted off 5/19/11

American Idol May 19, 2011 and we’ll find out the final two! We can’t wait to know if it’s going to be two ladies or a lady and a guy next week in the finale. Are you excited as well? Did you cast your votes? Who gets kicked off American Idol 5/19/11 results?

It’s Haley Reinhart, Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery. The sang three songs last night, judges’ choice, contestants’ choice and Jimmy Iovine’s choice. Did they perform well?

Who do you think will be the final two next week? Who got the least number of votes? By the way Nicole Scherzinger ft. 50 Cent and Beyonce are the guest performers tonight. We can’t wait to see them perform too.

So there, live updates will be provided tonight. The final two and the one who got voted off American Idol May 19, 2011 results will be posted as always.

Update: Haley Reinhart was voted off! Thoughts? Please do answer the poll below on who do you think should win, thanks!

95million votes cast!

Homecoming visits were shown

Scotty McCreery in the finale!

Lauren Alaina in the finale!

293 thoughts on “American Idol May 19, 2011 Results Who got voted off 5/19/11

  1. Oh man, I’m soooo glad about the results. This makes it so exciting! I loved James Durbin, though. I’m sad he’s gone. But I also loved Lauren and Scotty too. I will be happy with either one. Wow, the final two this year are so young! 15 and 19. Who would have thought?

  2. Sigh……why why why HALEY (cry…..) I…I have hope in you and for all those people who don’t like her or say that she’s not good at singing well think again she was basically the only one on the show besides cassy that can sing and Scotty suck bad and I hope he doesn’t win so lauren pretty bad too but…… I would rather her win then Scotty face to all those scotty fans out there he’s sssssoooooo not cute at least Haley can sing anything polonium wait I mean at least she can sing so not watching this show anymore and Ell fanning on what she saying Scotty really I mean really Haley should of won this I LOVE YOU HALEY DON’T GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAM AND DON’T EVER SAY NEVER HALEY IS THE BEST AND I WILL ALWAYS BE YOUR BIGGEST FAN NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HALEY HALEY HALEY HALEY HALEY HALEY THAT’S ONLY 10% OF JER FANS PEOPLE HALEY RULES!!!!!!!!!

  3. I’m so happy scotty are in it 2 win it.. 2 bad haley! It just wasn’t the kind of singing that a lot people liked 2 hear, u just didnt give a strong enough performance to land her in the top 2. I wish that james had made it 2 the top 2, it would have been great! I hope scotty wins, he is a young talented singer with a gift.

  4. Haley peed in her cheerios. She was overly confident, showed no humility and refused to take criticism. People saw that. She acted like a diva before earning it. It’s unfortunate that possibly her parents treated her like a little princess. I truly think she thought she had it in the bag. A hard lesson learned. Frankly I wanted James to win it from the very beginning. I believe he may be the one that makes it the biggest.
    I really hope so.

  5. One more thing. Why did Idol allow Haley’s dad get to accompany her? I believe Idol opened a new can of worms doing that. Now every contestant will be asking a parent, relative, etc. that has musical talent do that. Never seen that. That really was nice of Idol in spite of her bratty attitude.

    Go James!! Hoping for a big contract for him.

  6. Goodbye haley! Hello $cotty & lauren! I’m happy u both made it 2 the top 2, $cotty is a talented singer with a extrordinary gift. $cotty was born to be a great country singer. I would of loved 2 see james win it, but now that $cotty is in the top 2, I’m voting for him to win, and be next american idol. I wish him all the luck in the world.. a true fan of $cotty..

  7. I’m glad Haley is gone! She can sing but she is too damn sassy for her own good! She doesn’t handle corrective criticism well. Scotty is handsome but handsome doesn’t mean you need to win American Idol! Scotty is talented with his guitar, not his vocals. However, I’m sure he’ll pick up a record deal and do well. Now, Lauren, that’s my girl! She deserves American Idol 10…she’s young, vibrant and pure. Her voice kicks Ass! She just needs to know that for herself. Go Lauren Go Lauren Go Go Go Go…She’s In It To Win It!

  8. Lauren should’ve been voted off, no question! Haley’s rendition of what is and what should never be, by Led Zep, was the best of the nite, and You oughta know by Alanis M., was great too. Lauren bombed “Wild one”, Scotty didn’t do justice to Kenny Rogers song, but his Iovino selection was top notch.
    Can’t help but think Iovino screwed Haley over by selecting Rhiannon. If he wanted her to do a Stevie Nicks song, he should’ve selected Don’t Stop, or Silver Springs or Landslide. Iovino picked GREAT matches for Scotty and Lauren, he couldve done better with Haley’s choice no doubt..don’t get me wrong, Rhiannon’s a great song, but a bit dull for this stage in the competition, and ya can’t tell me he didn’t know that! The judges choices were great
    Rhiannon is the only possible reason why she might’ve lost, aside from the fact that there are probably 3 times more C&W fans watching idol, and the teen gals just adore’s no coincidence that the finalists are both C&W singers.
    Know what though? Haley’s gonna hit stardom before either Scotty or Lauren do..personally, as sweet as she is I don’t think Lauren will ever hit stardom. Scotty should though; he’s the C&W Justin Bieber.
    I would have to say though, Scotty has improved the most throughout the show and we saw a serious side to him Wed. nite that we haven’t seen before. He’s holding his mike normal now, and doing less of the eyebrow raising, both which used to annoy me. But still, a 16 yr old boy with a 50 yr old mans voice just seems weird to me.

  9. Haley no doubt has a very high self-esteem, and sticks to her convictions. When someone openly critisizes you, and you don’t understand or agree with it, you want clarification, and have the right to defend your choices..Randy and Jlo were often wrong, because what Haley did was show her strength and range in versitility, she showed sh can do ANY type of music ( not just CW, like the last 2 remaining).
    If you don’t stick up for yourself when faced with that, it is a true weakness, so I applaud her for that..Even Steven Tyler said Jlo and Randy were wrong..She’ll hit stardom pretty quick I imagine, definitely way before Lauren, and maybe even before scotty..but scotty will hit stardom because of the CW teeny boppers who are crushin on him bad.
    I think AI just lost all their audience who aren’t heavy CW fans with Haley should be CW Idol instead of American Idol..perhaps that’s the direction theyre going in..maybe Xfactor will be more versitile.

  10. why does randy call even the ladies / girls dudes?
    He really gotta change that, he sounds so dumb when he’s like “Yo dude” to a female.

  11. haley is a super talent all around..i feel confident she will go on to be a star..she has the right mind set and determination..scotty will take idol title because he best fits the american idol image big deal the sky is the limit for all last four finalists..

  12. Say what you will about Haley, she was very entertaining and fun to watch perform as well as listen to…the two that are left are very mainstream middle of the road…and I would not pay to go see them.. at least not yet..Haley I would pay to go watch perform…I would very interested in knowing the demographics of those that vote on this show…and the answer to the question “who will win is… I dont’ care now

  13. Both James and Haley are clearly the better singers. I don’t like scotty he’s too boring, Lauren is good but still needs a little more experience her voice still shakey when she sings. I will not be watching the finale of american idol. I will not be watching anymore seasons of american idol. I feel that american idol is clearly a setup. I will be looking forward to buying cd’s recorded by James and Haley they both rock…I really enjoyed watching while they were on the show, but now that there gone no point in watching now the other two big disappointments…

  14. To wonder you liked Hailey..seems to me you have a little attitude just like her..everyone is entitled to their own opinion…you criticize Lauren for crying..but all I have seen you do is whine on here…talking crap on on peoples posts.. I would like to see you go on stage under all that pressure and keep a straight face!

  15. # 38 Lay off of Melody. Melody knows what she is talking about and is very objective. You can disagree without getting ugly. Stay on course and learn something spud. Ha!

  16. Well I hope all you Haley haters are happy.
    i can’t believe people are still talking about the attitude. Of course she was shocked and a bit stunned for a couple of seconds with Lauren standing next to her with a gigantic smile, which is the same thing people incorrectly accused haley of.

    I guess you didn’t like that she went out gracdiously and said it was the best thing a girl could hope for and she Had a blast and then thanked her fans and the judges several times. In fact went out of her way to sing to Randy and JLo during her exit song.

    People have this perceived “attitude” thing with Haley and I guess the truth will never change their minds.

    She went out with grace and the only thing the “Haley Haters” were hoping for was that she broke down on stage and cried her eys out like other contestants. Sorry Haley disappointed you once again.

    Have a great life and try, just try, not to be so judgemental on a girl you never met and most likely never will.

  17. @Mike…you must of obviously not watched idol this season…because Hailey has had her not so friendly moments throughout the show…Hailey was one of my favorites from the beginning but as the show progressed her attitude killed it for sure others feel the same way..

  18. Kim:

    You have never met her and I have never met her, but I don’t make my decisions from what happens on stage. Look around the internet and see the picture of Haley in shock with Lauren standing right next to her with a big smile. I don’t hate Lauren for that, but if the tables were turned people would crucify Haley. By the way, I think Lauren is a nice young lady.

    I asked a friend about why they think Haley has an attitude and they mentioned a few weeks back after Lauren was done singing and she walked over to the stools near Haley, Haley turned around away from Lauren and my friend says how mean was that. Now let’s just suppose for a second one of the producers yelled out to Haley to move over to a specific spot and Haley turned to see what the producer had to say. But no, let’s JUMP to the conclusion that Haley was just being mean. Let’s NOT watch that same episode two seconds later where Haley and Lauren are talking in the background.

    Like I said, you don’t know her and neitherr do I but I give people the benefit of the doubt. By the way, my friend looked at that same taped episode and said she may have been wrong and became a Haley fan again and was disappointed when she was voted off. Because despite what you say she got more standing ovations than anyone, but it is not a singing contest, it is a popularity contest and you proved it with your remarks.

    Let the young girls vote for Lauren and Scotty, I think they are both great young people, I just think if everyone can get passed this perceived attitude issue and look at Haley’s singing ability they will say she has the best range. JLo even said it on Ellen last week that Haley has the best voice. But let’s not pay attention to JLo, what does she know.

    Well I guess their is only one thing left to do, don’t give Haley a chance to defend herself against these charges and just crucify her like all of you do without EVEN KNOWING THE GIRL. Good luck in life.

    I hope Lauren wins. Scotty will have a career regardless so he will be OK. Like I said they are both nice people and I wish the best for the two of them and Haley.

  19. It is NOT a love / hate competition…….We all have our preferences…it is as simple as that & we have the option to support the performers who we enjoy the most….
    Quit making this a war…get rid of the anger….It will serve NO purpose to engage in the mud slinging & name calling.
    People do not see things the same…doesn’t make others wrong or bad….Just exercizing our rights of choice.
    Now put a smile on your face & go out & make it a good day & try to make a difference in this sometimes confusing world.
    Peace & harmony to all Take a little time to smell the roses….you’ll be happy that you did. M.

  20. I stopped watching this season the night James was voted off. I had him in my top three then top two with Scotty throughout the season. Except the last couple of weeks when he really impressed me and I moved him to the top spot. Scotty went to number two and Lauren and Haley rounded out third and fourth, but not to my liking.

    While Lauren finally got courage and showed the goods, proving to me she’s more talented then Haley, she should have been gone long time ago. She got too many chances thanks to her fans falling in love with her soft, innocent demeanor. Now, what is with the false eye lashes! At least she has stopped looking like her mother or her mother has stopped trying to look like her daughter.

  21. I will not watch the Idol finale with 2 God and Country loving hillbillies. Haley was the best. Tired of people saying she has a bad attitude. The judges went way too easy on everyone but Haley. They had their favorites and were completely biased, throwing softballs to Scotty and Lauren who weren’t exciting and never took risks. They did the same boring crap week to week. They were only harsh with Haley and she was way more talented and interesting to watch. I think she took the biased critisizm very well. I would be frustrated too if I was her. She saw just like the rest of America how biased they were being. I’m sure it was extremely frustrating to watch them being unfair and pick only on her. She teared up when they treated her that way and had a look of being annoyed. Big deal. She is a sweety with so much talent! Can’t wait to buy her music!

  22. Scotty is a unique country singer! If he wins over Lauren or not, regardless he will have no problem in having a singing career in his future.
    Lauren does have a nice voice, but has been pitcy at times, and has been in the bottom before. Remember when with Jacob, she couldn’t hold her emotions, just as when Pia was called off she broke down. She better becareful….she could set herself for a big downfall. As she is so dolled up wearing all the makeup, jewlery, cowboy boots, beautiful hair, and gorgeous dresses!!
    As you can see, it seems she is could be getting all dolled up in order to look older, and similar to other celebrities. Then singing some Carrie Underwood songs hmmm get the judges to see the celebrities in their eyes and…..well now she is in the top2..Who agrees with that?
    And the judges said nothing to her about the pitches, but mainly praised her every week!! And of course Steven loved her beauty!! As he started going on about the beautiful prom dress she was wearing, then Randy started on about that, talking about the dress and ignoring what was started to say about the singing.
    Hailey didn’t deserve all the negative she received.
    Scotty is more Natural, he does have to try hard to sing, show his emotions and communicate with the viewers. Scotty deserves to win it all, since he already has it all to sing. It is great that he can play the guitar while singing also!!!

  23. Too bad for those who vow not to watch the finale or A I again….You may be missing a worthwhile show.& future seasons…anyway you are just shooting yourself in the foot. & no one else will be the wiser ( seems to be a bit childish. )
    Are you the same way with a ball team you like….Even though you know that they will not win every game, when they do lose do you hate the other team ? Are you saying that only your team is good enough to win ? A bit illogical Well the object lesson is who would want your kind as a fan? If you voted as much as was allowed you did all you could. If you didn’t then you let Haley or James or whoever has left down……Votes count .
    Just think about it……Those who voted for Lauren & Scotty did it for a reason & that is that they both brought pleasure to the viewers…enough pleasure to go through the tedious process of voting non-stop for 2 hours wednesday night & however much time was allowed during the season. Just think about it. Voting did not cost the viewer a cent just their time & diligence….Obviously there were not enough fans willing to do the same for Haley. Had nothing to do with the judges…who wer trying to help her even though she didn’t wish to listen because she thought that she knew more than they did in spite of their longevity in the music business…That, I am afraid, is called arrogance. Willingness to listen & to be taught is what makes people succeed.
    Think about it………

  24. Abi:

    Hailey can sing very very well but ATTITUDE PROBLEM!! She needs to lose the piss poor attitude. Look @ past seasons. At least in the past seasons everyone who got eliminated we’re grateful they made as far to top 10. She was in top 3! She’ll be successful but no one wants to manage a beginner that thinks she’s already a DIVA like someone said earlier. God Haley, could you act a little bit more appreciative?!

    Haley’s attitude comes from them always criticizing her for unfound reasons. Every song she has sung has been next to perfect, hell, her vision of the song has been better than the original. Haley will be a powerful force within the industry, simply there’s no one else like her.

  25. Abi: You put the dot on the i & the cross on the T……….& it would have been nice if her fans had voted for her….Only way to win is to have the most votes…..
    Funny how everyone takes the attitude that she was picked on…She needed help so they tried to teach her & she rejected their efforts so they pursued trying to help her ….That is NOT picking on anyone ! She flirted with Steven & he with her..The other judges were supportive to her .She had every chance. & the fans had their chance too & they obviously didn’t want to spend the TIME ( doesn’t cost a cent) to vote so there you have it because the number of VOTES decided who won ! Ryan has preached that to the audiences & viewers the whole time the show has been on for all of these years ! Why doesn’t anyone get that ? Guess they would rather complain & call unfair when their favorite singer was sent home than make the effort to help her to win….wake up & smell the coffee folks !

  26. people lets all get along here…they all made it this far! They are all winners…sometimes the runnerup or even the 3rd person have a better singing career than the actual winner!! I agree though hailey seems to have a soecial personality…nothing against her but she should be a little more humble…she will get alot more fan base…good luck to them all!

  27. Case in point : Jennifer Hudson went home about week # 5 or so from final has won a Tony, Grammy, & Oscar in a supporting role….but that probably doesn’t happen alot as far as awards go…However at least 3 or 4 have appeared on Broadway that did not win A I but were in final 10. …Talent can win out if they get the right agents, managers, vocal coaching etc…..It can happen with lots of hard work. & realizing they NEED to listen to advice.

  28. When did it become wrong, in America, to show disappointment. When did it become wrong to know your great. She listened and responded when she need to and did not when she did not need to.

    The judges were great and they were giving their professional opinion, but only Haley knows Haley.

    Definitely a big country following, not that the remaining two are not great, but country won the idol this year.

    God Bless you Haley. Keep a good head on your shoulders when you make it and remember most don’t!

  29. Steve:

    Haley needs an attitude adjustment. When the judges provide constructive advise she does not like she acts like a brat. She needs to shut the pie hole and listen. Mightlearn something.

  30. g


    When did it become wrong, in America, to show disappointment. When did it become wrong to know your great. She listened and responded when she need to and did not when she did not need to.
    The judges were great and they were giving their professional opinion, but only Haley knows Haley.
    Definitely a big country following, not that the remaining two are not great, but country won the idol this year.
    God Bless you Haley. Keep a good head on your shoulders when you make it and remember most don’t!

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