Once again, it’s American Idol 2013 top 4 results show tonight! But tonight is really an elimination night. One of top four finalists will be sent home. Who do you think will it be?

Votes from last week are aggregated in this week’s results. Who will be in the bottom two and who are sure of a spot at the final three?

Last night, the theme was “Then and Now”. The ladies sang songs from this year (2013) for their first performance and standards song for their second performance. I think this week is better than last week and the best performer was Candice Glover though Kree also did well and the others too. I liked Candice’s second song better than the first one (When I Was Your Man). Her first song was kinda weird because she didn’t change the pronoun but then, she wasn’t allowed to.

Kree Harrison’s performance was pretty great too so I think she’s safe.

For the bottom two, I think it could be Amber and Angie but we’ll see. Anything could happen and it could be Candice and Amber like last week.

Anyway, who was your favorite singer from last night? Any predictions on who could be leaving?

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Update: Amber Holcomb has been eliminated!


- top 4 performs “Crazy In Love”

- David Cook performs his new single, “Laying Me Low”

- will.i.am performs “Bang Bang” from the soundtrack to “The Great Gatsby”, and his own album, “Willpower”

- Harry Connick, Jr. performs his new single, “Every Man Should Know”




1. Angie Miller

2. Candice Glover

3. Kree Harrison



Amber Holcomb