American Idol May 2, 2013 Results Who got voted off 5/2/13

Once again, it’s American Idol 2013 top 4 results show tonight! But tonight is really an elimination night. One of top four finalists will be sent home. Who do you think will it be?

Votes from last week are aggregated in this week’s results. Who will be in the bottom two and who are sure of a spot at the final three?

Last night, the theme was “Then and Now”. The ladies sang songs from this year (2013) for their first performance and standards song for their second performance. I think this week is better than last week and the best performer was Candice Glover though Kree also did well and the others too. I liked Candice’s second song better than the first one (When I Was Your Man). Her first song was kinda weird because she didn’t change the pronoun but then, she wasn’t allowed to.

Kree Harrison’s performance was pretty great too so I think she’s safe.

For the bottom two, I think it could be Amber and Angie but we’ll see. Anything could happen and it could be Candice and Amber like last week.

Anyway, who was your favorite singer from last night? Any predictions on who could be leaving?

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Update: Amber Holcomb has been eliminated!


– top 4 performs “Crazy In Love”

– David Cook performs his new single, “Laying Me Low”

– performs “Bang Bang” from the soundtrack to “The Great Gatsby”, and his own album, “Willpower”

– Harry Connick, Jr. performs his new single, “Every Man Should Know”




1. Angie Miller

2. Candice Glover

3. Kree Harrison



Amber Holcomb

21 thoughts on “American Idol May 2, 2013 Results Who got voted off 5/2/13

  1. I feel candice was the winner last night and deserves to be in the finals. However I feel it is up in the air as to whether kree or Angie will join her. Amber lacks the monster house talent that the rest of the girls have, and should be the one going home.

  2. It is really ashame that Candice didn’t acknowledge that Cree is going to get to stay, that shows bad sportsmanship in this contest,she passed her up, I wouldn’t vote for her now for anything. Bad bad she ought to be ashame of herself.

  3. Amber is the winner. Her voice is very controlled, and she really knows how to reach those high and difficult notes. Even though Amber is not going the reach the majority of the votes, she will go very far…way beyond the other girls in this competition.

    Go Amber, the best singer and best looking.

  4. Cree, didn’t sound like Etta James what Etta you been listenin to don’t make Etta turn over in her grave.Go Candice you deserve to win you are a great singer

  5. Amber is too into herself and has that everyone look at me I’m pretty. Even Randy liked her shorts last night. Reality is Candice a better queen Latifa

  6. The American Idol title is a BIG reward. Overall talent such as stage presence is important. Kree’s personality is as DRY AS AN ARIZONA DESERT! Her voice is ok & she is NOT the best. Kree said, “She will try to connect with the audience but she was still in space”. Yes Amber should have went home because she sounds immature with some of her notes, just all over the place at times. But her stage presence is a million times better than Kree’s. I know this is a singing contest but stage presence is one of the ingredients. CANDICE, CANDICE CANDICE…CROWN HER…..

  7. Hey y’all,,,it is A Compatetion !!!
    Kree is good, but too weak,,,think about it, Angie, shines ONLY, with certain SONGS in her groove & gleem in the Camera, Amber Was just green, meaning not ripe at All, Now take Momma Soul CANDICE, there’s automatic Arethia, She mite have tried Etta, maybe, but give her some time & I’m seeing alot of HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY CROWDS WANTING ALOT MORE INCLUDING ME !!!!!!! So be real & vote for the pipes down deep and totally consistent from the start, not 1 bad word or song choice has come from this panel of judges. She is for REAL !!!!

  8. Not being racist, but they refuse to let a black person win. Ambet was an awesome singer and between Candice and Kree, that othet woman should be gone. The three dynamic duals is the idol.

  9. I could never quite figure out why Amber wasn’t “connecting” but when Harry Connick Jr. asked her what the words to the song she was singing meant and she was clueless, I understood!

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