American Idol May 3, 2012 Results Who got voted off 5/3/12

It’s three weeks to go before the finale and tonight, four of the top five will be a step closer for the big night. Who among them will be safe and who will be leaving tonight on American Idol? The top 5 results will be revealed. Find out who will be eliminated as well as who will still take the stage next week.

The top 5 performed thrice last night, two solos and one with a group. The theme for their first performance was songs from the 1960s while they tackled British pop music on their second performance. Hollie Cavanagh, who got the pimp spot last week, was the first to perform this week. She sang “River Deep Mountain High” for her first song where she was given a standing O by Randy Jackson. For her second song, she sang “Bleeding Love”. The judges said she really stepped up this week and got all positive comments from the judges. Could that mean she’s safe this week? Some says that every time a contestant did week, that contestant is usually the one to go. What do you think?

The second performer was Phillip Phillips. He sang “The Letter” for his first song and “Time of the Season” for his second song. Randy loved it while JLo and Steven told him about missing the melody for the first song. However, they said that he sang his second song well. Do you think he’s safe tonight or he could be in the bottom two?

Skylar Laine was the third performer. She sang “Fortunate Son” and “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me”. Again, the judges loved her performance, telling her she’s born to be on the stage. JLo even said that she might just win. If we are going to base it from the judges’ comments, she’s safe tonight.

The second to the last performer was Jessica Sanchez. She sang “Proud Mary” and “You Are So Beautiful”. On her first song, Randy said her performance was barely OK. But he was all praise on her second performance though, saying that she’s on top of the leaderboard. Steven said she’s going to be number 1 and JLo said she captivated the whole audience. Without them saving her, will she be in danger tonight?

Joshua Ledet got the pimp spot. He sang “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg” and “To Love Somebody”. He didn’t get a standing ovation on his first song but got another one for the nth time on his second performance. They said he’s one of the best singer’s they’ve seen in 50 years, that he’s such a great artist. Getting the pimp spot could me he’s safe again.

Predicting the bottom two is quite hard at this moment but if we’re going to base it from the judges’ comments, it could be Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez. However, it’s America who decides who will go home and our guess on the bottom two are Joshua and Hollie and the person to leave is Hollie. Have any predictions? Anyway, there might be another surprises tonight and we’ll never know until the live show.

In between the results are musical performances by Carrie Underwood and Coldplay.

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Update: Skylar Laine gets voted off! Thoughts?

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Joshua is SAFE!

Coldplay performs “Paradise”…

Hollie and Phillip on stage…

Phillip is SAFE!

Hollie is in the BOTTOM TWO

Carrie Underwood performs “Blown Away”…

Skylar and Jessica on stage…

Jessica is SAFE!

Skylar is in the BOTTOM TWO

Coldplay performs “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall”…

60 million votes were cast…




American Idol Top 4

Joshua Ledet!

Phillip Phillips

Jessica Sanchez

Hollie Cavanagh



Hollie Cavanagh

Skylar Laine

190 thoughts on “American Idol May 3, 2012 Results Who got voted off 5/3/12

  1. Leave the Racist crap out of this people! Jesica is a typical cruise ship singer on every ship!!! Nothing special! Joshua is a church singer, screamer!!! The country girl singer is gone. And for those of you who can not see talent in Philip , just watch him he will do the best, out of the all.

  2. those you hated jessica for being an asian are insecure people… sorry folks, but asians are talented esp the filipinos… jessica is undeniably the one who stood out in every AI competition… Poor you…

  3. really? Skylar was amazing,Colton was amazing! Holly is amazing! I really think Jessica and Joshua need to go home not because they are not talented but because they are made more for show business and different kinds of music.. i think Americas Idol should be someone who can sing all different types of music with no issues and I really dont see that in Josh or Jess. Good luck to everyone and I hope whoever wins makes America proud!

  4. Joshua Ledet ,We are praying that God continue anoint your voice to be blessing to Millions By Winning this Season American Idol 2012.

  5. You guys know Jessica is the best singer. If you guys think Jessica is not an American, what about Hollie and Joshua? And judges, please quit giving Joshua standing ovation all the time. He scream alot.

  6. plss vote jessica…….do your part and vote who is the best for you.everyone has there own favorite.. dont.let race control your want..go jessica matter what happen……

  7. I’m glad it was Skylar. Obviously they are all good singers, but I’m content with the way the voting went this time. Skylar always seems too… loud? sharp? something. I think her last performance was the best. It was softer than the rest, and it was really good. But her other songs didn’t hit it for me. My favorite was Elise. She was pitchy, but her voice was so unique 🙂

  8. Ashamed America! How could a democratic country be so narrow minded? If it’s all about races, why they let Jessica to join the contest in the first place? She’s even singing for America.


  10. I really was disappointed in Colton getting voted off and have really been disappointed with the results. it reminded me when Adam Lambert got voted off. I think Phillip should have gone home tonight. although Skylar is a good performer we had a country singer win last year. I do like Joshua and he is a talented performer and you can tell he is a gospell singer. I think Hollie should get it. Jessica is to young and as we already had a young winner with Jordan Sparks whom had to finish school before starting her career from winning. This season has blown me away. Elise was a great performer but again it is a popularity contest with the age of the viewers whom are voting. Colton will always be the best for this season. Look at past seasons with Chris Dohtry, Jennifer Hudson. Just disappointed but will still watch.

  11. I think Joshua and Jessica will be the top 2 finalists. It’s true that this year there was a lot of great singers. It’s hard to see everyone getting voted off but that’s what the show is all about. It’s about America voting to keep their favorite on the show and be the last one standing. I believe Skylar has many record labels wanting to sign her as soon as she is free from the show.

  12. are right,these idiot racist people need to go back to school because they don’t even know how to spell correctly.hahaha….

  13. It is true that Joshua screams a lot while singing. Hollie has a beautiful voice as well as a beautiful and sweet personality, I think she looks like a young Veronica Lake and Hollywood should recruit her to become a lovable actress! She shows self-confidence for a young girl of her age, she has all the assets in my opinion.
    Jessica has a rare beautiful, natural and enchanting voice, it is difficult to choose between the two of them!
    Phillip Phillips has his own style and I prefer him to Joshua.

  14. I’ve watched Am. Idol every year since it started. This year is one of the best ever!! Anyone can win out of the final four. I think Skylar was great & I would love to go to a concert where she performs. People need to vote smart for the best talent!! Good luck to those remaining.

  15. Jessica is very talented singer. She is the best.. Wow! She is only 16 years old. Can you imagine when she get older? Remember when she sang “I will always love you?” she nailed it. Nobody can do that. She should win it all.

  16. oh i am sooo unbelievably ecstatic!!! this is the moment i’ve been waiting for!! i am soo happy she’s finally gone!!!!

  17. I am soooo happy that Skylar was eliminated. That girl could NOT sing but she was a good screamer. The first song she sang on Wed evening was screaming sounds. One couldn’t understand the words.
    Holly has my vote. Some weeks ago she sang “Power of Love” which was unbelievable, better than Celine could sing it.
    The judges are so obvious in being biased with their standing ovations for certain singers.

  18. ok i agree with most of what your saying im very disappointed that skylar was taking off cause she had the most amazing real country girl voice she was loud but she was very proud and knew she was good i think america choose wrong it should have been josh or hollie that went home so now i guess i hope either phillph philliphs or jessica wins cause if not this may be the worst season of american idol i swear i think america needs to learn to listen and vote the right way

  19. They are all good singers but I pick Jessica and Joshua.I don’t who will win but hope for the best for this two amazing talented guys.

  20. I really don’t care who wins American Idol this season! They’re all talented!!! Woot woot! What’s up with these racist comments? I’d smack you if you were in front of me! Where u at beeyatch!!!

  21. nakakaloka kayo!! joshua scream a lot! philip had a handsome face so teenage girls would vote for him! and also hollie!! jessica is the most talented girl in this season!! so why hate her?

  22. it will be joshua’s turn to go home next week… i had a feeling that he will be voted out next week… sorry folks… just a fearless forecast only… next week, joshua, then hollie… it will be jessica-phillip finale

    • Yes THANK YOU!!! I don’t like josh I mean sure he can change his voice to do anything but he isn’t as good as Jessica and Phillip. Phillip and Jessica are the best people so far.

  23. I think yall people need to stop hating on Joshua. HATERS HATERS HATERS. Joshua and Jessica are the two best in american idol history!

  24. People of color or race should not play a factor for the American Idol, Acting, Modeling, an athelete of choice or for any reason there of. People who degrade others is very much unhappy with themselves. Look in the mirror at yourself and tell me what you see. If you say nothing, your righ, because your are nothing. I bet, you are a failure at whatever you do or unhappy with your life and envy others. So So So Sad For You. Stop hating and love ye one another………

  25. Lisren i’m not bashing Jessica and Skylar was not my favorite but really I don’t understand how she can still be there not because I don’t think she can sing! And not because she is young or asian!!!!! I just think that it only makes sense that she would have been voted off the following week!!!!!!! Really!!!! I vote for the singers i like every week some have gone home but my number 1 is still there and thats cool!!!! I do think this year is a good year for talant but i also think that something is not right and it is becoming a huge joke and fake!!!!! Sorry that is just how i feel!!!!!

  26. Ps I think Hollie is an amazing singer and a sweet girl!!!!
    She deserves to be treated better by the judges and by america!!!! But i do think she young and lacks a little confidence.

  27. Hollie is my favorite she has tooo much talent I love her!! I’m only 11 she is soo awesome!! Philip is my 2nd favorite. Then Jessica and then Joshua! Come on Hollie I love u ur pretty talented ps I love her accent:) VOTE 4 HOLLIE!!!!!!!!!!

  28. i cant believe Skylar got voted of!!! She was my favorite singer of all time. She can sing anything good. Hollie should have gone

  29. I’m glad that Jessica is still in…it would be a disservice to whomever is left that they would not compete against the best singer, IF SHE WAS VOTED OFF!!

    Joshua is great, but not the best…… cannot compare him with people like Al Green, etc. They have rich voices, and do not scream all the time. However, there was James Brown. Need I say more?

    Good luck and keep on keeping on Jessica. Use that beautiful voice and make the right song choices.


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