American Idol May 4, 2011 Performance 5/4/11 Call Numbers

American Idol tonight May 4, 2011 is where the top 5 performs. The theme is Now and Then where the finalists sing two songs. The first song is a current one while the second song is one from the 60s. Another broad theme we must say.

Three guys and two ladies take on the stage and try to get America’s vote. Who will you vote for tonight?

By the way, there are rumors that Ryan Seacrest might leave the show as he’s in negotiation to start a new show in NBC. Well, is that true? We don’t know yet at this time but the show sure won’t be the same without him too.

Anyway, going back to the performance show tonight, the call or text numbers to vote as well as the song choices will be posted.

1. James Durbin – Closer to the Edge / Without You – 1-866-436-5701 or 1-866-436-5706

2. Jacob Lusk – No Air / Love Hurts – 1-866-436-5702 or 1-866-436-5707

3. Lauren Alania – So Small / Unchained Melody – 1-866-436-5703 or 1-866-436-5708

4. Scotty McCreery – Gone / Always On My Mind – 1-866-436-5704 or 1-866-436-5709

5. Haley Reinhart – You and I / The House of the Rising Sun – 1-866-436-5705 or 1-866-436-5710


23 thoughts on “American Idol May 4, 2011 Performance 5/4/11 Call Numbers

  1. I hope james wins the show. By FAR he is the most talented one. And he gibes the Best shows Ever. Go James!!!!!!

  2. Talent, singing, performing are the key elements to win American Idol. Please keep that in mind little girls when you vote. There looks are not the key here. Be smart and vote for TALENT.

  3. Although I have had a few favorites along the way, James has captured my heart – because he has heart and that comes through in his singing which is part of why he’s so special. That is not something that every singer can or does deliver. He is an amazing singer/performer. He is the whole package. Not only can he sing phenominally, he sings with great passion and emotion. I have watched American Idol since it began, this is the first time I have been moved to vote. Rock on James! I’m rooting for you!

  4. James moved me to vote for the first time this season also. There is so much talent this year, I know it’s going to be tough. Each of the remaining 5 offer something unique, in their own way. Great season!

  5. omg yall are killing me! james is talented but his voice is annoying and i don’t like listening to him. He is definitely not the best one. scotty is cute but he shouldn’t win and take the prize bc he doesn’t need it. He will be famous and working like crazy when he leaves. Lauren is young and kinda of slow. She isn’t ready to be the next american idol. she has to mature first. jacob….he disgusts me. Finally there is Haley. yes sometimes she growls too much but that girl is beast! her note choice is great, her individuality is great, and she is fun to listen to. GO HALEY!

  6. James and Scotty are great. Lauren is good.
    I could sit and listen to James and Scotty all day.

    Jacob needs to go. He has a voice but I can’t stand to watch him… he needs to man up or something. I don’t know what it is. His voice is good but watching him is annoying. I would buy a gospel album he put out.

    Halley is okay but I am tired of her growl.. she makes every song sound the same. She can only sing one way. She is loud. She is more polished and looking better but I could not listen to her sing more than a few songs at a time.

  7. i think scott should take it because he know how to sing he puts his heart and soul into his singing and he does not need to force himself to sing it just come natural and the two girls sound like cats in a parlor….

  8. Haley is amazing!!! versatile. brilliant. raspy amazingness.
    her song choices were brave and I loved it.

  9. Haley blew the show apart! Greatest single night performance in 10 years.

    She should be in the top 2 when it’s all over. Fantiastic growth on this show..
    Haley Haley Haley!!! Major victory tonight.
    James and Lauren are the bottom 2

  10. Haley was by far the BEST for may 4th.. Her singing ” house of the rising son” was totally awesome!!! She needs a chance to be american idol’s next idol to me..

    Haley blows it to the ceiling and to the stars tonight!!!!!

  11. 3 did great with both songs tonight, James, Lauren, and Scotty. Jacob and Haley both had 1 good performance. Haley brings nothing special to any of her performances. Jacob is the same way.

    Jacob doesn’t have the confidence to win the American Idol crown. Haley needs to get rid of the chip on her shoulder. She should probably listen to the judges critiques of her instead of rolling her eyes and getting pi$$ed off.

    So for that, Jacob and Haley are in danger of going home tonight.

  12. James is the best in this competition. He is the complete package. James, Scotty, and Lauren are safe tonight in my opinion because they all did an awesome performance.. While Jacob and Haley are the bottom 2. Haley has a strong voice but she doesn’t put much passion, heart, and soul when she sings.. She’s not American Idol material. I get tired of her voice because she makes different songs sound the same.. Have you guys notced that? While Jacob.. eh. He’s alright. He’s more of a church singer, but he will not win that crown.. He also got a bad feedback from the judges last night.. I think James, Scotty, and Lauren are the top 3. Good luck to them. 🙂

  13. OMGOSH>>that lil girl need to go home and do some home work…shes good but not for thi ..james is great..haley came along way..and she is in it to win it….thats the winner…please send lauren homeeee like tonite…

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