American Idol May 5, 2011 is the top 5 results show. Even if we all love the finalists, one of them just go. Who do you think will it be? Will it be one of the girls or one of the guys? The finale is just a few weeks away. Who won’t make it next week? Who gets kicked off American Idol 5/5/11 results?

We think everybody performs well but Haley is the best performer yesterday as well as Scotty but we love Jacob so we think he did well too. Anyway, who do you think will be in the bottom three? Any predictions?

The performers tonight are Lady Gaga who will sing “Judas”, Lady Antebellum to sing “Just a Kiss” and female judge Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull to sing “On the Floor”.

Will it be a rose among the thorns next week, or it will be two ladies and two guys?

Live updates will be here. Find out the finalist who got voted off American Idol May 5, 2011 results.

Update: Jacob Lusk is voted off! Thoughts?

60M votes casts

Top 5 performs

Lady Antebellum performs

Finalists grouped into two

James Durbin, Haley Reinhart - safe!

Lauren Alania, Jacob Lusk

Jennifer Lopez performs

Scotty McCreery – safe!

Opps! we highlighted the incorrect group – James, Haley, Scotty are safe, Lauren & Jacob in the bottom two