America’s Got Talent August 10, 2011 Results 8/10/11

America’s Got Talent August 10, 2011 is the Youtube acts results. Who among those acts will make it to the semi finals? Will Matt Wilhelm, who won the viewer’s vote go through the next round? Who advanced on America’s Got Talent 8/10/11? Results of who were eliminated will be posted here too.

The TNC Elite started the show but they didn’t wow the judges. Actually, most of the acts are so-so. There are a few stand outs including Kevin Colis, that even though he’s not that good, he’s the best performer of the night, in our opinion. We are predicting he will advance along with West Springfield Dance Team, Matt Wilhelm and Powerhouse. How about you? Who are you predicting to be sent through? Who will be sent home?

As always, updates will be posted. The acts who didn’t make it and the acts who advanced in America’s Got Talent August 10, 2011 results will be here. We can;t wait to give you the elimination results.


Those who advanced are:

– Gymkana

– Matt Wilhelm

– Kevin Colis

– Beth Ann Robinson


Those who are eliminated are:

– Powerhouse

– TNC Elite

– Aeon

– Kalani Basketball Freestyle

– Illusionist Brett Daniels

– Breena Bell

– Gabe Rocks

– West Springfield Dance Team

** the judges chose between West Springfield Dance Team and Beth Ann Robinson

2 thoughts on “America’s Got Talent August 10, 2011 Results 8/10/11

  1. The judges messed this up bad by picking Beth Ann Robinson in over West Springfield. They were a much better act. She will not go far.

  2. me n my whole family agree with that comment my step dad doesnt believe in that stuff but even he said they messed up big time she got boring west spring field was amazing they should of went on not her

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