America’s Got Talent August 11, 2010 Results 8/11/10

The results of America’s Got Talent August 11, 2010 YouTube edition show is revealed Wednesday. Which acts who submitted their auditions via YouTube and performed live this Tuesday will be included in the list of the semifinalists? We’ll find out on America’s Got Talent 8/11/10 results show.

The following acts out of 40 who were able to make it are Kristina Young, Dan Sperry, Ryan Rodriguez, PLUtonic, Dylan Plummer, Cam Hodges, Jackie Evancho, Alex Bui, Austin Anderson, Booker Fort, Ed Heiss & Pup and Patt Miller.

Which act will get the most number of votes from the viewers who will join the season 5 top 24 semifinalists? Are you excited to find out who will those be?

Judson Laipply, the self-made internet star will be performing live before we get to know who advanced to the semifinals. As always, updates of the elimination results will be here. Stay tuned and find out who advanced on America’s Got Talent August 11, 2010 results show.


List of Acts who advanced:

Maestro Alexander Bui – Pianist

Dan Sperry – Magician

Jackie Evancho – Opera Singer

Kristina Young – Singer

Note: Kristina Young and Cam Hodges placed either 4th or 5th and the judges voted who will make it through. Young won the judges’ vote.

One thought on “America’s Got Talent August 11, 2010 Results 8/11/10

  1. I completely agree with everyone who made it through except for Kristina, she was awful. I’m not doubting her talent, but she shouldn’t have done that song, because anyone who does tends to do exactly what she did, yell and go completely inaudible when attempting the low note.

    But all in all these were the results I hoped for.

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