America’s Got Talent August 12, 2015 Results 8/12/15

The first quarterfinals results will be revealed tonight on America’s Got Talent 2015! Who will be going home and who will advance to the next round?

The first 12 acts performed last night. Among them, those who might advance are Siro-A, Samantha Johnson, Drew Lynch, Paul Zerdin and Benton Blount. The others? I’m not sure.

Who’s your favorites last night?

Anyway, updates will be here. Follow this blog on Twitter, or join on Facebook while waiting for it. The acts who advanced on America’s Got Talent’s August 12 2015 results will be posted.


Those who advanced are:

1. Piff the Magic Dragong

2. Benton Blount

3. Siro-A

4. Paul Zerdin

5. Drew Lynch

6. Samantha Johnson

7. Alondra Santos (won the judges vote)




Alondra Santos

The Gentlemen

Samantha Johnson




1. Triple Threat

2. Vita Radionova

3. Craig and Michelle

4. Show Project

5. The Gentlement


** Heidi, Mel B and Howard voted to save Alondra Santos while Howie voted to save The Gentlement

One thought on “America’s Got Talent August 12, 2015 Results 8/12/15

  1. Hello americas got lots of talent!! Im sorry but i cant believe that piff the magic dragong was advanced. last nights performance 8/11/15 was horrible the last performance was way better. He really needs to step it up im sorry i didnt find that funny at all. And he got mad and a horrible sarcasim he had cause he didnt like what he heard well maybe its cause they were 100% correct. Im sorry if u dont agree with me but you SUCK… sorry america if you dont agree with me.. have a nice night and thats not being sarcastic…

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